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Laura Bush avoids gay families at Easter Egg Roll

Only kids of straight folks got to cozy up to Laura Bush. (Reuters/Larry Downing)

The plan to ensure that the First Lady wasn’t photographed with gay families at the White House Easter Egg Roll succeeded, but these families were still visible and it was a big story. (

More than 100 gay and lesbian families lined up in a heavy morning downpour Monday to join thousands of other families for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

…Mrs. Bush and the President posed for pictures – but only with the families of White House staff.

By the time the gay and other families were allowed in the First Lady had left – a carefully orchestrated move to avoid being caught on film meeting any of the children of same-sex couples as the Administration pushes for a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage.

Same-sex couple Christina Burke (L) and Victoria Burke (R), both from Salisbury, Maryland, pose with Mrs. Bunny and their daughter, Phobe (6 months old), on the South Lawn of the White House during the annual 2006 White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, April 17, 2006. The Burke’s are wearing a rainbow lei to indicate their support of same sex union. REUTERS/Larry Downing

But even without a photo op Family Pride which rallied gay and lesbian families to take part in the event declared victory. Television cameras focused on families with rainbow leis around their necks as they waited to enter the grounds.

“The visibility of LGBT families has been exceptional,” said Renna. “It puts a face on gay families for the American public.”

Terrance of the Republic of T was among the families at the event. He’ll have photos and a report up later. His earlier post on lining up to get tickets to the event is here.

* LGBT families wait all night for Easter Egg Roll tix, White House shuts them out of opening ceremonies


Whoa. Homo-sex obsessed media whore Peter LaBarbera couldn’t resist weighing in on the egg roll controversy.

He does know how to provide absolutely perfect quotes for mockery; this bit of business is over the top. I’m also trying to figure out how many organizations this guy is affiliated with. This article is from some place called Americans for Truth:

The “gay” crashing of this morning’s White House Easter Egg Roll is just the latest demonstration of selfishness by adult homosexual activists, who invariably put their wants above the best interest of children, Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth, said today.

…”There are some bad eggs on the White House lawn today and they should be marked SSA for Selfish Sexual Agendas. Shame on these adults for exploiting an event designed solely to bring joy to young children,” LaBarbera said.

“Whether it’s redefining marriage to legitimate sexual sin, indoctrinating impressionable schoolchildren with pro-homosexual lesson plans, legally harassing the Boy Scouts, pushing ‘gay adoption’ despite kids’ obvious need for a mom and a dad—or crashing a White House Easter Egg Roll as a crass publicity stunt to promote ‘gay parenting’—one common theme stands out: it’s all about the ‘gay’ adults and their desperate need for approval of their lifestyle choice, not what’s best for children.

“What a pity that the homosexual lobby had to tarnish a great tradition with this in-your-face political maneuver,” he said. “Turning the Easter Egg Roll into a ‘gay’ propaganda exercise represents a new low in the movement for ‘rights’ based on aberrant sex.”

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