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Join Us to Stop Bush and Rumsfeld on Iran

Bush has proven he cannot be trusted with foreign policy.

This will be short and to the point.  A lot has been written about Bush and Iran since Sy Hersh’s New Yorker article, and too little done.  This is a time for actions more than blog posts. 

We’ve had confirmation that Bush is considering a preemptive nuclear attack against Iran.  This is suicidal madness for America, as I described here.  We also have word from Joe Biden yesterday that  Democratic senators need a serious kick in the ass to wake up on this issue. 

Ladies and gentlemen, put yer steel tip boots on. 

We’re asking our readers to sign up for our Roots Project, to get together to lobby and meet with their senators in their home states.  Since we’ve had time across the blogosphere to refine our message, here’s our current FDL recommended talking points:

  1. Starting a nuclear war against Iran is seriously nuts.  It won’t just destroy part of Iran:  its consequences will destroy America.

  2. Through Iraq, Bush and Rumsfeld have proven they are weak failures who can’t be trusted to do the right thing with Iran.  Even our military establishment is against Bush and Rumsfeld and is demanding a change in leadership.  Rumsfeld must be replaced.  Bush’s reckless rush to war must be stopped.

  3. Strength begins with leadership, and yet leadership has not yet been tried on Iran.  America must cooperate with our allies to contain Iran and promote its democratically inclined people through engagement and tough negotiations.  Congress must act to be sure this occurs.  Only people who lied about Iraq deny Iran is many years away from developing a nuclear weapon.

To get involved in the Roots Project, contact me according to the instructions in this post

Getting groups of citizens to show up at the offices of senators and congressmen is an extraordinarily powerful tool.  It’s underutilized and underappreciated.  A handful of people going to an office is worth two thousand emails, letters or phone calls.  It works.  It shows them we are real people, and takes much less effort to coordinate than a peace march.  Please get involved today to stop the next next mindless war against American interests, before it’s too late.

I’m on the road this afternoon, but will catch up with your emails tonight, so please be patient. 

UPDATE:  To get involved, send an email to Pachacutec01 at gmail dot com.  Include only your state in the subject line, and please include your commenting name or kos user name in the body of your email if you can.

UPDATE II:  Welcome, Crooks and Liars readers.  I’m getting good response to this latest appeal for members of the Roots Project, and once I get a few in one state, I set up a google group for you all.  I’ve been so busy setting up groups tonight, however, that google has put a hold on my activity.  This happens when I add too many people too quickly, but it passes.  I may not get you linked up until tomorrow, but keep the emails coming. We currently have 18 state groups as of 9:03 PM EST 4/17/06, and I’m sure more will be coming online soon.

UPDATE III:  I’ve made the following point several times before, but for the benefit of our new readers, let me make them clear again. 

The Roots Project is not a dittohead network.  We provide information, infrastructure, support and suggested talking points, but do not micromanage the groups.  We are not the right wing.  I consult with other leading bloggers on and offline when we put suggested talking points together, but each state based group controls its own messaging.  As long as the groups don’t do anything Jane, Christy and I would object to, we stay out of the way. The idea is for local groups to gain vitality and learn to coordinate together.  In my mind, coherence of message is important, but getting good people active together to have an impact is more important.  Just remember, the reason liberals/progressives have been so powerless for so long is because we don’t suck it up and work together.  Welcome aboard if you decide to join us!

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