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The lap dog won't roll over

Blair refuses to back Iran strike. Oh that nutty Tony Blair, he’s not listening even as his master Bush is jerking the chain, trying to get him to roll over once more for the big guy after Tony was oh-so-obedient on Iraq. Is Dear Leader going to have to resort to pet abuse to get him in line?

Tony Blair has told George Bush that Britain cannot offer military support to any strike on Iran, regardless of whether the move wins the backing of the international community, government sources claimed yesterday.

Amid increasing tension over Tehran’s attempts to develop a military nuclear capacity, the Prime Minister has laid bare the limits of his support for President Bush, who is believed to be considering an assault on Iran, Foreign Office sources revealed.

…in the midst of international opposition to a pre-emptive strike on Tehran, and Britain’s military commitments around the world, the government maintains it cannot contribute to a military assault. “We will support the diplomatic moves, at best,” a Foreign Office source told Scotland on Sunday. “But we cannot commit our own resources to a military strike.”

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