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Chimperor's record-shattering downward spiral: 39%

Rasmussen Reports, the most accurate polling firm during the 2004 Presidential election, drops this bomb today:

Thirty-nine percent (39%) of American adults approve of the way George W. Bush is performing his role as President. That’s the lowest level of approval ever measured by Rasmussen Reports.

Sixty percent (60%) disapprove of Bush’s job performance, the highest level ever recorded.

The question is, will the the Rethug up for election get flushed down into the sewer with Dear Leader? The bad news continues. Break out the hankies… ::sniff:: ::sniff::

More people now identify themselves as Democrats than they did around Election 2004. Month-by-month party affiliation numbers show that the Republicans gained ground during 2004 and have been losing ground ever since.

Thirty-eight percent (38%) of Americans believe that President Bush should be censured, or formally reprimanded, by the U.S. Senate. The proposal, advocated by Senator Feingold, is not necessarily good news for the Democratic Party, but it has the potential to boost Feingold’s standing within the Party.

For the first time ever, a majority of Americans (52%) say that the U.S. mission in Iraq will be judged a failure. Just 32% believe history will judge it a success.

I guess this means the bombs will start dropping on Iran shortly and/or the terror alert level kicks up a notch.

I had to go over to the swamp to measure the level of denial and hand-wringing. Many are actually ready to cut and run from the guy; a bunch of the really drunk-on-Kool Aid freepi are blaming the “general’s revolt” on Iraq/Rumsfailed on the Left (!). Jeezus.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

Lowest level ever… Now there isn’t a single poll that shows the President at 40 or above.

The so called Generals Revolt is going to hurt alot. And, it will be a gift that keeps on giving to the dems to election day.

It was 45% three days ago

what happened is gas prices quickly went up

Well there is no reason for any poll to show 40 percent approval. Bush spends like a drunken sailor; refuses to protect our borders; has signed off on the US being a part of some north american one country and has wasted all of his politcal capital in return for very little. Having said that, I agree that he is better by a factor of 1000% over either algore or jean kerri, but that doesn’t mean he is any good.

I still support President Bush 100% +. Funny, the Polls never call me. The good news is – my opinion is the one that counts with me.

and immigration, and the Plame/Scooter leak flap and….. I know I am not satisfied.

Wait for the privately funded DNC campagn campaign ads with Generals demanding that Rummy step down. This is a well organized plot. But, think if you were the average American and you were unhappy with the way the war was going and out pops a number of generals saying this isn’t the militaries fault it is Bush and Rummy’s fault, what are the American public going to think?

Bush not only has more than his share of enemies, he also has done a number of things to dampen the enthusiasm of his base – the biggest being his failure to address the immigration/borders issue in a meaningful way.

And, of course, you bitchers and bellyachers have just the right candidate in mind…… Likely, some extremist that stands no chance of getting more than .5% of the vote, but, by God, he’s the right man for the job. I have to laugh at how negative this place has become.

It seems to me that you have the right to your opinion about him, but groaning about it doesn’t really have any effect at this point. Bringing down his job approval goes nowhere except getting the weak kneed GOP Senators and Congressmen to wobble all over the place over everything – not something that will improve your chances of getting what you are looking for in the future. I say this, sincerely. I am always puzzled because ranting against Bush seems to push the only people who will matter in the future (Senators and Congressmen) further away from what you are looking for.

I’m not so sure it was the generals. I think folks are waking up to the illegal immigrant situation and haven’t quite signed on to the vision Bush has for the future of our nation.

A question that I’d like to see asked of the “generals” is…Have you, General ______ communicated with Hillary Rodham (Clinton), her agent(s), or more generally, any operative in the Democrat party: and, have you been offered consideration for a position (anything from VEEP, SECDEF, on down to advisory capacity) in exchange for your opinion?

I don’t know, I think Rumsfeld’s approval rating is higher then Bush’s. These generals come off as cry babies.

Prices are pretty close to where they were after Katrina, and there’s no hurricane now.

almost everyone I work with is an uninformed sheeple – none of them are talking about the generals, everyone is talking about gas prices, and a few are talking about the immigration issue.

George W. Bush 1Q 2006 Report Card:

US Economy: A+
Global War on Islamo-Facists: A-
Judicial Appointments: B+
Energy Security/Independence: C-
Federal Spending: D
PR/Communications: D-
Immigration Enforcement: F
Border Security: F

in a country that is as divided as ours, the “its time for a change” theme is a powerful factor in every election. don’t underestimate it, “Bush fatigue” is going to be a big part of the 2006/2008 elections, even though he isn’t running.

That’s evidence that a wave of negative emotion about Bush has swept the saps in America, who always look to blame somebody when things don’t go as they wish. Bush has nothing to do with the fact that only 86% of refineries are operating at capacity, and that several suppliers of MTBE have refused to make the stuff any longer (since Congress refuses to shield them from lawsuit), so gasoline requiring the stuff is in short supply in some urban areas.

I hear you, but I think that most Americans see gas prices as something that effects them directly. For a lot of Americans many issues-whether it is immigration, the war or what have you-do not impact them directly (or at least they don’t think that they do), but gas prices do.

In another poll, 74% of Americans blame Bush for the gas prices. Perhaps AlQeda’s agenda is moving forward…. : (

The generals revolt is a despicable manipulation of the military by the left. I believe it is an organized movement by someone to attack Rumsfeld / Bush knowing full well that other Generals who support Rumsfeld / Bush will not come out and do so as to look political too. I’ve got to hand it to the left, they come up with sleazier and sleazier political tactics every day.

Looks like Rass got a bad sample.

I don’t think so. Bush is losing freepers for crying out loud. So unless he’s picking up support with DUmmies, these numbers seem right.

After coming out for a couple weeks and advancing his agenda and spreading his message to the American people, the President has fallen back into bad habits. Maybe Josh Bolten can get him motivated again. If not, I’m afraid Dubya’s numbers will r
emain in the sub-30% to low 40% range for the next 2-1/2 years. This idea some folks have that Bush doesn’t care about polls, or is concerned about how the American people perceive his Presidency, is political naivety.

Excellent economy, war on terror being pursued, and Iraq moving steadily forward. And 60% dissaprove. Lots of blame to go around. Ineffective republicans, troublemaking dems, left wing media, and a fickle public.

what plan? I don’t even know what the Bush plan is. he has no specific plan, just some broad outlines, and he seems willing to jump on anything he thinks can pass (like the senate bill) – no matter which party offers the predominant support for such plan.

It’s the pollen count.

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