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Another e-moron

A Pennsylvania official (need we ask whether he was a Rethug). hits the send button and doesn’t think anyone would be offended by the garbage he’s sending out there — say, the township supervisors, including the chairman. (

An e-mail controversy has some people calling for the resignation of an elected official in Bucks County.

Republican Warminster Township Supervisor Fred Gold distributed the e-mail. Gold sent an e-mail picturing a topless woman to other township employees. It was sent back in January, but then photocopies started popping up earlier this month.

The e-mail supposedly celebrates the fictional holiday of National Breast Appreciation Day on Jan. 15. Accompanying the photo of the topless woman is the message “Beats the **** out of Martin Luther King Day doesn’t it.”

“I find that type of humor to be offensive and not funny at all,” one woman said. “He sent this out? That’s really crude,” another woman said.

…Now, Joe Bowes, the chairman of the township’s Democratic committee says an apology isn’t going to cut it…”The thing that was most disturbing to me was the number of people it had been sent to from him — township supervisors, the chairman of township supervisors, the other supervisors,” Bowes said.

Gold told NBC 10 News that he sent the email from his home computer and he now realizes he never should have sent it.

Hat tip, Paul

* Email moron: Colorado State Representative Jim Welker

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