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V is for Vagina

The folks at Donald Wildmon’s “news” organ AgapePress can’t bring themselves to type the word v-a-g-i-n-a. I get the feeling that there is some nun or preacher there slapping a ruler on the wrist of anyone who dares to tap it out. Read and weep with laughter.

A conservative Catholic group is criticizing the University of Notre Dame for once again allowing a homosexual film festival and a vulgar feminist play on the Indiana school’s campus.

Notre Dame’s President John Jenkins recently stated that he saw “no reason to prohibit performances of the V Monologues on campus.” His position comes as a surprise to some who object to the play’s content, which includes profanity and graphic descriptions of lesbian sexual relationships.

The prestigious Catholic school near South Bend, Indiana, has hosted the V Monologues for the last five years and a “gay and lesbian” film festival for the last two years. Patrick Reilly, president of the Catholic watchdog group the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), says he is not surprised the university is continuing to allow homosexual activism on its campus.

…In fact, the president of the Catholic watchdog group believes most Notre Dame faculty are strongly resistant to any idea of restoring the school’s faith-based identity. And he feels it is disingenuous for administrators like Jenkins to claim Notre Dame is not endorsing the V Monologues and other pro-homosexual events when it is obviously funding them.

…But as far as how individual Catholics should respond to a production like the V Monologues goes, “The question is just whether it’s sinful, whether this is scandalous, whether we’re leading people away from the church,” Reilly contends. “And I think there’s no doubt that these events clearly scandalize the faithful.”

Now go and repent…

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding