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Transgender candidate challenges House Whip Blunt

“People are seeing what I stand for. I’m not for a gay or a transgender agenda, I’m for equal rights for all people.”

— transgender Midge Potts, a veteran of Operation Desert Shield, who is a self-described “fiscal conservative and Eisenhower Republican”

Man, the Show Me state will never be the same. Midge Potts, Missouri’s first openly transgender political candidate, is campaigning for the GOP nod in southwest Missouri’s 7th District, trying to unseat five-term congressman and House Majority Whip Roy Blunt.

“Even though I have my own unique niche, being transgender, I really feel like I’m a candidate of the regular people, for the regular people,” Potts told The Associated Press.

…Potts faces an uphill battle in a region where the Republican Party is dominated by moral and social conservatives.

“Given the conservative nature of the 7th District, her chances of winning the primary are slim. And the primary voter tends to be more conservative yet,” said Missouri State University political science professor George E. Connor.

“To have her run as a Republican is not the craziest thing, because there is a part of the Republican Party that is fiscally conservative but shows support for personal choice. It harkens back to a part of the Republican Party that does not exist in southwest Missouri,” Connor said.

Blunt, who has won solidly in his previous races, and the state Republican Party declined to comment on Potts’ campaign.

Dee Wampler, a Blunt supporter and prominent Springfield Republican activist, dismissed Potts’ chances, in part because she is transgender. “A person with that background would not atrract a serious vote,” Wampler said.

Blunt btw, is an ace homobigot (rated 92% by the Christian Coalition), is for a marriage amendment and voted to end gay adoptions in D.C.

Hat tip to Blender Kevin

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