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The ad (and Q of the day)

I happened to check in here to look at some comments and saw this in the Blogads to the right yesterday:

I was sitting next to Kate at the time and nearly screamed. “These prominent bloggers”?! I think it’s safe to say most people who see that ad don’t know who the flip I am. My pass and program for the Equality Forum arrived yesterday as well.

This ad is running all over the blogosphere, sheesh! Earlier on, the ad featured the nice Equality Forum globe in the ad, but today it switched it over to this one. Oy, I need some Tums.

Why do I think the experience will mostly involve watching John and Jeff/Jim/Bulldog — whatever the f*ck he’s going by these days — just going at it the whole time? It will be interesting, given John’s blogging on him.

Questions of the day — what would you ask the disgraced former Talon News “writer” and former White House cub reporter-cum-rent boy if you were on the panel? Or, if that fruit is too low-hanging for you, what would you ask John A.?

* Condi, ‘ho boots, and rent-boy Gannon: sex and power in Washington
* Make your own Jeffy Lube pro-war rally poster
* Freepers in a tizzy over pseudo-journalist, White House prop “Jeff Gannon”
* ePluribus Media: The Spectacular Rise of the Miraculous Mr. Gannon
* Gannongate – the Players
* AmericaBlog: A man called Jeff
* Crooks and Liars: Jeff Gannon retrospective in video

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