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Pam: extreme makeover edition

The weekend is the time to drop in a few self-indulgent, non-political postings, so today’s activities definitely fit that bill…

The other day I received an email from a reader, Richard Conrad, a makeup artist who recently moved to NC from Hotalanta.

I’m writing to you because I wanted to let you know that I am makeup artist and I’d love to do your makeup sometime!–(not that you need it!) I just know that sometimes ladies like to get a little glammed up for certain occasions–even those who don’t normally wear makeup. I have a light touch with makeup-so don’t worry!

I primarily do bridal makeup, but I also freelance for Laura Mercier here in the Triangle area-in fact I will be working @ the Nordstrom in Southpoint this Saturday @ the Laura Mercier counter!

Now I do wear makeup on occasion, and don’t know what the flip I’m doing; I just don’t take the time. I’ve never even gone into a department store to sit in the chair for a makeup session for fun, so I decided to take Richard up on his offer just to see how bad the situation really is, lol.

Kate’s the big makeup gal, I laugh at her dropping buxxx over at the Trish McEvoy counter once a year. For me, I just cruise in the drugstore for makeup as needed. The most I’ve ever spent is $7 on Revlon Colorstay lipstick, since it really does last all day. I’m too lazy to reapply the other stuff.

So, it’s Saturday AM. We get over there a little after noon and there’s really no one around at any of the counters. Richard recognizes me right away and I get in the chair and the construction work begins, with Kate there for feedback on the overhaul. My biggest problem, and this is true of many women of color, is finding foundation/base that matches well (and doesn’t make you yellow or orange), something that’s true of any drugstore product I’ve used, so I don’t wear any. If nothing else, getting good advice and product on this front was the most valuable thing I walked away with. But Richard was full of much more good counsel. I was embarrassed to tell Richard all the pedestrian products I use (or what I don’t use at all).

He did the whole shebang, and we talked about blogging and politics (Jeff Gannon, Kerry, Bush, you know, all the stuff we gab about) as he patiently counseled me on options — good brushes for application (yes), mascara (yes), disposable mascara brushes (big yes), false eyelashes (not for me), gel eyeliner vs. pencil (trying out gel). I definitely need work on the eyebrows, but that’s always been a problem area for me — not enough hair there, as opposed to having a lot to shape).

I guess I was in the chair about an 45 min or an hour, maybe, and I walked out with a great makeup job, a lot of good advice and a lighter wallet, courtesy of Laura Mercier. Since I never indulge and don’t wear makeup too often, I figure this stuff in the bag will last a loooooong time.

Kate took a pic on the cell phone of the end result in the store with Richard:

The lighting in Nordstrom really sucks, so Kate took a better shot of the overhaul once we got home:

Of course it would help to show the “before”, but we don’t want to break Dear Leader’s internets, now do we?

All, in all, we all had a great time (it certainly beat doing yard work, which was what we would have done this AM), and thank you Richard for your work on the extreme makeover!

Richard’s temp web site, featuring photos of some of his excellent work on way better subjects, is

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