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LGBT families wait all night for Easter Egg Roll tix, White House shuts them out of opening ceremonies

Nice move, Bush Admin, to deep-six the visibility of the LGBT families. Guess the AmTaliban batphone to the White House has been ringing off the hook ever since then Family Pride Coalition announced that gay families would line up and come to the event wearing rainbow leis to distinguish themselves.

This year, at the last minute, for the first time, the policy for distributing tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll has changed, with the families waiting outside all night to get opening time tickets receiving tickets with an entrance time of 11AM or later — after the cameras have rolled for the opening ceremonies of the event, because the egg roll is slated for 8 a.m. to 2 p.m, according to the White House press release.

So, the bob and weave is complete — they cannot bar the gay families, but they can try to ensure invisibility to avoid a PR nightmare for the Bushies and their religious right masters.PageOneQ has the scoop on this story.

The unannounced change means that the families who waited in line the longest, in one case for twenty-four hours, will not be among the visitors at the event’s opening ceremonies.

…One ticket recipient who was approximately fifty people behind the Family Pride Coalition, told PageOneQ that he was “upset, very upset, that they would change the policy to make those of us who spent the night be the last ones to get into the event.” When asked his name, the man said that, “Because my brother works for the State Department, I’d rather keep my name out of the article.”

The Family Pride group, which was located approximately 150 people from the start of the line, received tickets with entry times of 11:30am and later.

Mike Rogers, as you’ll see in the article, called and exchanged emails with White House shill, er, Deputy White House Press Secretary Dana Perino. The official excuse is that children from volunteer organizations were designated to fill the earliest times, when in the past, special guests and the public who waited for tix were integrated into the opening ceremonies. Look at the spinning.

PageOneQ wrote back to ask Perino:

There is one question that is still unanswered.

In years past, with the exact same arrangement of invited guests, those that spent all night outside for tickets were given tickets to the event’s opening times. When was the decision made, and by whom, to exclude those families from the opening ceremonies? This is the first time that no early tickets were distributed to those that waited the longest. Do you know why?

Perino’s reply:

“The early morning tickets were designated this year for the youth voulunteers[sic].”

You can see pictures of the families camping out for tickets at photographer Joe Tresh’s blog.

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