Saturday Night’s Alright
(for Thanking)

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Getting caught up on all my “thanks for stuff”:

&#149First off, thanks to Sue in North Carolina for the Sugar Hill CD’s further expanding my traditional country/folk/roots horizon.

&#149Next up, Stephen in Elmhurst , Ill. for the collection (Sunburst Finish – Live! In The Air Age – Modern Music) of Be Bop Deluxe CD’s. I particularly like this quote about BeBop Deluxe’s Bill Nelson:

In Be Bop Deluxe, Nelson proved himself one of the most technically accomplished British guitarists of the 70s. Even Julian Cope, ex-Teardrop Explodes leader now turned eccentric musicologist, recently commented, “Sure, Nelson’s muse was mightily ‘effected’ by David Bowie, but this angular harlequin was more the Ziggy Stardust character than Bowie himself…”

&#149Lastly I want to thank Patrick from Music Hates You for the black T (my first ever black T…imagine that) and the pre-release CD. Patrick notes that Music Hates You plays “desperate angry music for desperate angry times.”

These guys are really good.

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