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Irony, part 2

As a counterbalance to his rant: Catholic Church Gets 783 New Abuse Claims.

I hate to keep posting about this bastard, but he keeps on coming up with the most foul, hypocritical bullsh*t posturing imaginable — with absolutely no shame. After yesterday’s bloviating (see my post Irony) about urging Catholics to confess for Easter (after all, God’s forgiven him for enabling all the raping, molesting priests he’s in charge of), today, Good Friday, he’s going to deliver an address condemns geneticists “who play at being God,”and the general moral decline of society — “satanic mores” — which apparently exists everywhere outside of the Vatican.

The pope will deliver a blistering attack on the “satanic” mores of modern society today, warning against an “inane apologia of evil” that is in danger of destroying humanity.

In a series of Good Friday meditations that he will lead in Rome, the Pope will say that society is in the grip of a kind of “anti-Genesis” described as “a diabolical pride aimed at eliminating the family” [Are you listening homos?]. He will pray for society to be cleansed of the “filth” that surrounds it and be restored to purity, freed from “decadent narcissism”.

Particular condemnation is reserved for scientific advances in the field of genetic manipulation. Warning against the move to “modify the very grammar of life as planned and willed by God”, the Pope will lead prayers against “insane, risky and dangerous” ventures in attempting “to take God’s place without being God”.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding