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Episcopal loons want to indict gay bishop for heresy

“The homosexual thrust is real, aggressive and largely influenced by a shadow gay-lesbian-transgender hierarchy of bishops, priests and laypeople. The most persistent campaigner for accelerating the gay agenda in the Episcopal church is Integrity, a 30-year-old homosexual activist organization believed to comprise much less than one per cent of the national church.”
— quote from the unhinged statement of Lay Episcopalians for the Anglican Communion

What century are we in? These nuts sounds like they are ready to burn openly gay bishop Gene Robinson at the stake.

It also looks like, someone must have sent the Lay Episcopalian Crackpots a copy of Star Parker’s All-Purpose Homosexual AgendaTM to clue her in on our plans for world domination. (

A conservative Episcopal lay group is calling for a church trial for the denomination’s first openly gay bishop and the 35 bishops who endorsed his election. The group, called Lay Episcopalians for the Anglican Communion, on Thursday launched a national petition drive to force a trial.

In a statement the group said that only by putting the bishops – including the presiding bishop of the church – on trial could there be a final determination on the role of gays in the faith.

The group said the worldwide Anglican Communion has been fractured by the “reckless pursuit of a gay agenda that is hostile to Scripture and to the historic order of the church.”

The call for a trial raises the ante in a continuing feud within the church. Last week the group demanded that church leaders who supported the election of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire repent “for their sin”.

“Our purpose is to demonstrate the gravity of unilateral (non-Communion) actions already taken to advance a gay agenda in our American church,” the group said in its statement.

Ten bishops have to file complainants for this effort to go to church trial.

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