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D.C. bus driver fired because of anti-gay sign

This dude isn’t playing with a full deck if he’s got a sign saying this prominently displayed behind the driver’s seat of his D.C. tourist bus:

‘He is to be worshipped…[and] feared by refraining from all that he has forbidden (i.e. worship of other than Him…murder, oppression, homosexuality/lesbianism [sic]…all sins done in public or in secret).’”

He gets bonus lack of gray matter points for telling a person objecting to the message to go to the back of the bus.

A bus driver for one of the city’s new Circulator tourist buses was fired last month for telling a passenger to move to the back of the bus after the passenger complained about a message hanging behind the driver’s seat that equated homosexuality with murder.

“Those comments were completely unacceptable,” said Karen Meachman, a spokesperson for the D.C. Department of Transportation, which created the Circulator bus system.

“We don’t know if he posted these signs,” she said. “But the fact that he told the passenger to go to the back of the bus was completely unacceptable.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding