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The Traditional Values Coalition and the White House Easter Egg Roll

“For crying out loud, at the Easter Egg roll? This is a family event…They’re trying to cloak themselves in normalcy. It’s not normal. The American people overwhelmingly believe it’s not normal.”
Andrea Lafferty, executive director of Crazy Lou Sheldon’s Traditional Values Coalition, on gay families participating in the White House event

The Easter Egg Roll event is open to the public, and members of the gay rights group Family Pride plan to show up at the event with their children — as American a family as any other. (Boston Herald):

Two years after President Bush backed calls for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, the White House may find itself in the unusual position of hosting hundreds of gay families from Massachusetts and beyond at next week’s annual Easter egg roll.

The families plan to line up Friday evening so that they can be the first ones on the White House lawn Monday as they tweak a 134-year-old tradition.

“We want our children to have access to the same great American traditions that other children do, and we can think of nothing better than doing that at the White House egg roll,” said Jennifer Chrisler, director of the Family Pride Coalition, an advocacy group for gay and lesbian families.

A little while back I received an email from a Blender, Veronica L., who read Andrea Lafferty’s ridiculous comments about gay families and decided to write the Traditional Values Coalition to let them know that gay families are indeed normal, and that the bigotry has no place at an event like this. Here’s her letter.

Hi Pam,

I have been reading your blog for a several months now, very enjoyable. I usually just read & never comment on anything. But, for some reason when I read about the Easter Egg Roll fiasco it just struck a nerve, not that it hasn’t happened before, but it is just beyond absurd what some people will say & do. I guess it bothered me so badly because my partner & I have been together 11 years & we have 3 beautiful children.

Anyway… In case you are interested here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to the TVC this morning.


Good Morning,

Until early this morning I had never even heard of your organization. I was reading an article about the White House Easter Egg Roll & came across comments by Andrea Lafferty, I think that is her name, I no longer have the article in front of me.

The actual disgrace is the fact that there is a copy of the United States Constitution on your website, which is obviously something you have never read. “All men are created equal…..”. Does Andrea know any homosexual families? I would think not, seeing her uneducated comments. By uneducated I mean she needs to arm herself with real knowledge about people if she is going to make such absurd comments. Of course I also understand this is her “job”.

You all need to understand that homosexual families have a great deal of obstacles to overcome to have a family. There are no accidental pregnancies, everything is well planned before the wonderful event of the birth of a child. The children are loved so very much & the families try so much harder to be good parents, because of the struggles they go through. A child to them is so cherished, so appreciated.

The reference to pedophiles & homosexuality would be laughable, were it not so disturbing. You must know that is very untrue. Have you thought about posting something regarding Catholic Priests all being pedophiles? I am not saying they are, because they are not, but there is an obvious problem there. Pedophilia is an illness & a crime.

Homosexual parents & their wonderful children should be allowed anywhere heterosexual parents are. Even heterosexual parents who are divorced, single parents, bi-racial couples, couples from different religious back grounds, couples with children that are un-planned, etc. You get my drift. We are all different, that is what makes us all so wonderful. Everyone does not fit into a mold, never have, never will.

Everyone needs to work on themselves, peace comes from within, not from trying to change everyone else. Try working on the divorce rate, rape, incest…real pedophiles. Use your numbers, use your Christianity to show kindness, love & support.

So you can discriminate in the name of religion if you want, but one day you will regret your actions. Religion is not a cloak to hide behind for the sake of making money or pushing your own twisted agenda. And you do have an agenda. I am not sure what you mean by the “homosexual agenda”, that is very strange. The only agenda for any United States citizen should be to ensure everyone is created equal.

Because everyone is equal in the eyes of our Maker. A loving caring God who sent his Son to die for us all. God is not filled with hate or prejudice, pleased don’t make non-Christians believe that He is….

Sending you love, much needed peace & happiness…Veronica

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