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More 'persecution' of 'Christians'

Flip is flapping his gums again, via AgapePress.

The director of Operation Save America says it’s becoming more difficult for Christians to protest or demonstrate without fear of harassment or arrest in the U.S. For more than 20 years Flip Benham has led protests and demonstrations at abortion mills and also at “gay pride” events, such as last year’s “Charlotte Pride” in North Carolina. Benham says authorities often single out Christian activists for persecution while allowing homosexuals to engage in explicit acts during public events.

“We have found … that as [society] decriminalize[s] one kind of behavior, we are criminalizing another kind of behavior,” Benham shares. “And as we go to these parks where homosexual gay pride events are taking place, we find that if you have a Bible, you are [either] going to be thrown out of that park or … if you don’t go, you’re going to be arrested.”

In Benham’s estimation, recent events demonstrate that Christianity is being criminalized while sodomy is being celebrated. “God tells us in Proverbs, Chapter 28, Verse 4, that those who forsake the law praise the wicked. Those who keep the law resist them,” the activist says. “And we as Christians are called to be law keepers. When our nation begins to break God’s law, we must be those that resist those that break laws — and sometimes that might mean jail.” In July Benham will lead protests at Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, in Jackson. His group’s efforts over recent years led to the cancellation of this year’s “Charlotte Pride,” a pro-homosexual event in the North Carolina city.

It wasn’t canceled; the guy is lying. Here are the facts: there will not be a Pride celebration in Marshall Park, but there will be visibility and a celebration in Charlotte, and local gay publication QNotes has details on the tactics being used by OSA to try to get information on the event.


Bonus action item: Mike over at Blogactive is asking readers to ring Flip up.

Flip’s Operation Save America helped convince a NC school board to deny approval for a Gay Straight Alliance. The students in South Rowan fighting the ban. Mike:

I spoke to Flip… He cites some case heard before Lawrence v. Texas as the basis of why he thinks the Federal Courts will uphold the school board’s decision. Be sure to ask Flip for RECENT case law supporting his argument.

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