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Just when you think you've heard the last FEMA knee-slapper…

Oh wait, this isn’t a joke: Hurricane Evacuees’ Trailer Explodes.

A FEMA trailer being used by a couple who lost their home in Hurricane Katrina burst into flames, severely burning the husband and incinerating most of their remaining possessions.

The blast, which followed the January explosion of another Federal Emergency Management Agency trailer, appeared to have been sparked by a lit cigarette igniting propane gas that had seeped into the travel camper, fire officials said.

Linda Meyer said she and her husband escaped through a portion of the trailer that was blown off by the explosion Wednesday morning.

Hat tip to R. Neal @Facing South, who noted that the article also mentions the laughable briefing for trailer recipients informs them that if they smell a gas leak to contact FEMA for assistance.

Really? So, the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans begged for FEMA’s help, day after day, on live TV, directly to the President of the United States, and got nowhere. Six months later they’re still waiting. Now some poor guy in a camper trailer out in the bayou somewhere is going to be able to get right through to FEMA? And they’re going to fix his gas leak?

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