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Update:  NYT printed this correction today:  "Although Mr. Fitzgerald formally filed his corrective yesterday, accounts of it were provided to some news organizations on Tuesday night, and were the basis for news articles yesterday. The Times did not publish one, as other organizations did, because a telephone message and an e-mail message about the court filing went unnoticed at the newspaper" (hat tip MK). Who was doing the calling and the emailing? Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

It appears Judge Reggie Walton has had enough of the Barbara Comstock Show and has threatened to issue a gag order (per Jeralyn):

This Court has previously cautioned the parties about making extrajudicial statements and warned that the Court would not tolerate this case being tried in the media. Despite this Court’s prior admonition, it appears that on several occasions information has been disseminated to the press by counsel, which has included not only public statements, but also the dissemination of material that had not been filed on the public docket.  The dissemination of such statements and material undoubtedly has the potential to "interfere with a fair trial or otherwise prejudice the due administration of justice."

It’s been clear for a while that Byron York is the outlet of choice for Comstock when she wants to urge a bunch of propaganda out into the discourse, but it was exceptionally evident the other day when he put Fitzgerald’s correction letter online before anyone else had seen it.  (Note:  the Washington Post also had the letter up around the same time, but I saw the Corner piece go up first and since York provides no link to the WaPo I’m assuming that wasn’t his source.  I’m happy to listen to any correction on that point, however).  If that’s what the Judge is referring to, and I assume it is, good for him.  If the swirling chatterbox Robert Luskin is any indication of what we could look forward to otherwise, it’s good that he is getting a handle on it sooner rather than later.  We’ll have less to chew on but we’ll also have a whole lot less disinformation (anyone remember what we got during Whitewater, courtesy of Comstock?) to beat into the ground.

So to all you corporate media types, now that you are not going to have quite so much spin on your hands, maybe it’s time to turn the pipeline into a two-way affair and start asking Barbara Comstock who exactly the donors to the Libby defense fund are and how much they have contributed? 

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