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U.S.: Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days

That lunacy comes out of the mouth of our U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation. Dear Leader’s prepping us for his next war party.

Iran, which is defying United Nations Security Council demands to cease its nuclear program, may be capable of making a nuclear bomb within 16 days if it goes ahead with plans to install thousands of centrifuges at its Natanz plant, a U.S. State Department official said.

“Natanz was constructed to house 50,000 centrifuges,” Stephen Rademaker, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation, told reporters today in Moscow. “Using those 50,000 centrifuges they could produce enough highly enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon in 16 days.”

The sad truth is, Iran is further along on the nuclear path than Saddam ever was, but this sort of bullsh*t bloviating after the debacle known as Iraq pretty much ensures that no one will take anything the Bush administration says seriously about the “facts,” even as he plans to load up the stealth bombers.

The endless lies about Iraq just keep on coming. See WaPo: Lacking Biolabs, Trailers Carried Case for War: Administration Pushed Notion of Banned Iraqi Weapons Despite Evidence to Contrary, or this disinformation, er, lying, that Colin Powell admitted to (h/t Shakes Sis):

On Monday, former Secretary of State Colin Powell told me that he and his department’s top experts never believed that Iraq posed an imminent nuclear threat, but that the president followed the misleading advice of Vice President Dick Cheney and the CIA in making the claim. Now he tells us.

“The CIA was pushing the aluminum tube argument heavily and Cheney went with that instead of what our guys wrote,” Powell said. And the Niger reference in Bush’s State of the Union speech? “That was a big mistake,” he said. “It should never have been in the speech. I didn’t need Wilson to tell me that there wasn’t a Niger connection. He didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. I never believed it.”

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