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Tim Kaine gets freeped

The New (faux) Dem governor of Virginia recently released a statement saying he wouldn’t sign a marriage amendment slated to be on the ballot this fall because it might inadvertently hurt unmarried couples. That gave him cover to urge all Virginians to reject it. At least he said it.

However, he unfortunately took great pains to reiterate that he believes “that marriage is between one man and one woman, and current Virginia law makes that abundantly clear,” just to reassure the bible-beaters that he’s really just looking out for the heterosexual taxpayers in the Commonwealth because he disagrees with the language of the amendment.

Of course back when he was tapped for the State of the Union response and in the limelight as the Fresh-Faced Electable DemocratTM, he was willing to sign the amendment. So when the final language cleared the legislature (and probably heard an earful from his gay taxpaying constituents), he flip-flopped and decided to decline signing the amendment.

His announcement was an opportunity to give many reasons why the amendment bad: the potential impact on state growth and business, that it could adversely affect unmarried couples — and it creates official discrimination against a bloc of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens in the state’s constitution. We all know that he left that last bit of business out on purpose.

Guess what, Tim, even with that tepid positive move, the alarm bells went off on the Right. The triangulation convinces no one (on either side, quite frankly). As a strategy to sell yourself as a national candidate, it’s clearly out of the tired DNC playbook. The “I was for it before I was against it” stance on the marriage amendment isn’t flying with The Base.

At least that’s what the Freepi tell me…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Governor Kaine clearly has no respect for Rule 1!!!

All the pandering to queers tends to indicate these pols have no system of priority or dedication to American culture and heritage. They all suck.

Kaine is just another Corporatist fake. The Democratic party in Virginia has been taken over lock, stock and barrel by the fascist movement.

Kaine Not Able to Kill Fruit Mating

Kaine said the wording in the amendment could be interpreted to include unmarried heterosexual couples, where it reads the Virginia Constitution should not recognize “another union, partnership, or other legal status to which is assigned the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities, or effects of marriage.�

ROTFLMAO -so he is afraid that judges might liberally interpret the wording! LOL Might as well disband the Legislature and just concede the Excecutive branch while at at -sounds like the dummycrat plan on terror –surrender! So much for checks and balances with this guy!

He is right in the fact that sometimes there are other ramifications. I don’t like pandering to gays either and don’t think one little reason should be enough to oppose it, but sometimes there are a few things that get slipped in.

Although Gov. Kaine said he opposed same-sex marriage,

Yeah right. Sounds like all those who say they are “personally” opposed to abortion, but…

I personally do not think the government should pay benefits to unmarried heterosexual couples either. If a private company want to do so that is their business. This amendment would not stop them from doing so just the state. He is lying.

Oh so Kaine is a “But Monkey” ehhh … in more ways than one I figure.

In other words: “I AM an opponent, but I DO not oppose. Now vote for me.”

But hasn’t Kaine been informed that Virginia “doesn’t elect” liberals and he ran as “conservative” to ‘win’ (even though his campaign platform was FURTHER LEFT than any of the “moderate Democrats” representing me here in suburban Chicagoland) This can’t be. This would mean Virgina has a governor more liberal than their socialist neighboring state of Maryland. Virginia freepers has steadfastly gloated about how “conservative” their state is. Hmmm.

The Commonwealth already explicitly forbids the recognition gay marriages by law. And as for people, specifically “pols,” having no dedication to “American culture and heritage,” I will assume you mean those people who are opposed to further polluting the constitution with needless assignments of additional power to the state. My ancestors arrived here starting in 1611 to get away from England’s laws and to start fresh in the wilderness. They had moved to Appalachia before the revolution. Why? To live as they saw fit and to succeed according to their own merit, free men and freeholders. Those are real American values and traditions. The government should mind its own concern and let people organize themselves as they will. Government off our backs!

With his inane explanation, Kaine has highlighted the whole problem with same-sex marriage. It’s not really about homosexuality at all. It’s about making marriage be worth nothing more than non-marriage. That’s the whole goal of the same-sex marriage advocates, they want to destroy the traditional family. The first step is to remove its privileged legal status.

Virginia freepers has steadfastly gloated about how “conservative” their state is.

And we will continue to do so until you get your fact straight. Sure, there’s been an huge influx of liberals into the state. Yes, it’s becoming more and more difficult to for conservatives to win here, and our state senate has been taken over by RINOs. We’ve never denied any of that. But the facts are that Tim Kaine, and Mark Warner before, him both won because the GOP candidates ran lousy campaigns. Not because of a shift, perceived or otherwise, to the left in the general voting population.

All this furor over a proposed amendment that essentially changes nothing (your words, as well as all the other pro-homosexual agendaists) in this state and 19 others. Perhaps Federal coercion, effectively blowing away current prohibitions, would be more to your liking?

Virginia is not, per se, Conservative, but it has a very Conservative Republican party.

At the moment the Republicans control the House and the Senate. They regularly lose the governor’s office but only to Democrats who run as Conservatives. The Dems pulled a trick the lat two times ~ they ran cryptofascists, or Corporatists. This allowed some, and I repeat “some” Virginia Conservatives to abandon the Republican candidate.

The Marriage Amendment will pass without his vote. Do all Democrats attend the Clinton/Kerry School of Taking Both Sides of an Issue?

When you read stuff like this, you have to wonder why on earth does the Dem establishment continually court The Base? There’s no flipping way you can move far enough to the right?

One can only hope that Virginians won’t vote yes on the amendment, but don’t hold your breath. It will take a massive effort by not only gay advocacy organizations and allies, but elected officials, and business leaders to publicly make the case why this amendment is wrong.

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