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Hate on a Michigan campus

It’s pretty sobering to see this anti-gay graffiti chalking at Michigan Tech University. There are more photos of such filth as “Shoot and kill every f*cking fag” and “Mutilate gay people.”

The administration and faculty have been highly outspoken from the beginning in denouncing the acts, with statements on Friday from both president Mroz and vice president Les Cook. Still, perhaps the strongest disapproval has been voiced by the student body itself.

The sense of distaste at the content of the chalkings has cut across beliefs and attitudes towards homosexuality, and an instant consensus seems to have formed, especially among those who have seen the pictures of the hate chalkings. “It’s an embarrassment to everyone associated with this school, really,” said Landon Gryszkowski, an undergrad. “It’s the only political expression we’ve seen in a long time on this apathetic campus, and it turns out to be of the most ignorant kind. It can’t give us a good reputation nationally.”

The most unequivocal statement of condemnation, but one that seems to reflect the general sentiment very accurately, came in a joint statement from Undergraduate Student Government president Phil Ribeiro and Graduate Student Council president Dan Adler. Adler and Ribeiro wasted no words in stating their conclusion: “If you cannot set aside your differences with others enough to allow them to peaceably live their lives, then you have no place at Michigan Tech.”

Hat tip, Jeremy @ Good As You

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding