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Alabama wants to move its prez primary up

Looks like Alabama wants to actually have a voice in the presidential primary. Since it’s currently in June, all earlier primaries and caucuses have decided the nominees of both parties, a bill is in the legislature to make it Feb. 5. Kathy @ Birmingham Blues weighs in:

I guess it would be nice to see the front-runners in person, but I fear having to cater to the people of Alabama (or their perceptions of the people of Alabama) will mean they will be pandering even more than usual to the religious right. I’d hate to be completely disgusted with the lot of them that far in advance.

I commented at her pad:

Oh, lord, Kathy. It means you’ll get to see The Tool McCain in all his suck-up-to-the-Right glory. One can only hope Mitt Romney gets in the race so that it will be a contest to see who kisses Roy Moore’s feet first.


Speaking of my wifey’s home state, we have an update from Loretta Nall, the Libertarian candidate for governor, who held a well-covered news conference on the steps of the State Capitol. She’s gotten a lot of mileage (and donations) as a result of the boobies and panties dustup by a local newspaper editor and columnist, which I blogged about the other day.

Here’s an article on the press conference. Video is here and here.

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