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Will: Why McCain might be it

Columnist George Will has started up a suck-McCain-off-for-2008 campaign, with a fawning commentary this week. His thesis is that McCain is doing what it takes to land the Rethug nom, and that it’s all the media’s fault for pointing out the Arizona senator’s conflicting opinions and cozying to the right. McCain’s no tool, according to Will — just a canny pol.

He has been unmasked as a “pro-life, pro-family, fiscal conservative.” Those words are his, and are a reasonably accurate self-description of the man who voted against the prescription drug entitlement and the most recent transportation bill because of their costs.

…St. John of Arizona can seem insufferably certain that he has cornered the market on incorruptibility. So as he begins trying to assemble a presidential majority, he seems, as anyone trying to do that will, like a run-of-the-mill sinner.

But his quest for the Republicans’ 2008 nomination was bound to require tactics inconsistent with his carefully cultivated reputation for unexampled authenticity. He has endorsed teaching “intelligent design” theory in schools, and has sought a detente with Jerry Falwell, one of “the agents of intolerance” he denounced in 2000. But who has ever assembled a presidential constituency without endorsing positions formerly avoided or compromising positions formerly endorsed?

…But to those Republicans who turn out to pick presidential nominees, one electoral consideration could trump ideological aversions: California. Ken Khachigian, a veteran of Ronald Reagan’s White House, is a California Republican strategist who in 2000 was a senior adviser to McCain’s campaign. Khachigian says McCain could “put California in play.” McCain might be the only conceivable Republican nominee who could.

To put California in play is not the same thing as carrying it. But carrying it is not necessary to significantly improve a GOP nominee’s national chances. If the nomination of McCain could force the Democratic nominee to spend a number of days and, say, $30 million to secure California’s 55 electoral votes, those days and dollars could not be spent in Ohio, Florida and other battleground states.

This November could produce what McCain could use – grim election returns for Republicans. If on Nov. 8 Republicans are reeling and a re-elected Hillary Clinton is rampant, hitherto unenthralled Republicans might suddenly consider McCain as virtuous as he considers himself. For the politically nervous, “virtuous” is a synonym for “electable.”

So, all of The Tool’s notorious recent flip-flopping on issues as he sucks up to the right is now considered a good tactic? Tell that to Kerry, who suffered from the eternal damnation of the perceived flip-flop from the wingers in 2004. Please.

The easy way to counteract his alleged electability is to expose the obvious early and often:

Get a room, already. via Mike Tidmus.

Shakes Sis said it best:

On McCain’s slavish devotion to Dear Leader: [P]erhaps McCain is actually a Real Doll, as it occurs to me that the owners of Real Dolls and the Bush administration have approximately the same needs-loyalty, compliance, someone who looks real enough but doesn’t ask too many questions, a realistic body with no brain to help convey one’s basest urges. And I don’t think McCain is the only Real Doll floating around the Beltway. He’s certainly not the only GOP hack willing to get repeatedly fucked while never saying a word.

But have no fear. We on the left don’t have to go it alone in destroying The Tool. It looks like our knuckle-draggers in the swamps of Freeperland are doing a fine job of slagging McCain…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Why McCain might be it

Only if the “it” was how Hillary ended elected President.

Anyone but McCain. Oh yea and Mitt Romney too…

McQuig would be the worst possible candidate to run against Hitlery. He is a RINO of the first order who has done everything possible to limit free speech with his moronic McCain-Feingold legislation. He is a true Manchurian candidate who has NO business at the head of the most powerful nation on earth. A leopard cannot change it’s spots. McQuig can bark and howl about what a conservative he is to the media and anyone who will listen. Those of us who have watched himknow the real truth.

if he get the nomination, I’m not voting, and I’ll be encouraging others not to vote either…..regardless of if Hillary is nominated or not.

The headline left out an “sh” in front of “it”.

No they didn’t. It’s the ‘it’, as in ‘it’s full of it’

You know Romney and Rudy are bad by the fact, that McCain can actually run to the right of them and Romney and Rudy are probably the only 2 guys in the country who could make McCain look like a real conservative.

McCain would beat Hillary in an electoral rout not seen since 1984. The fact is we can do much better.


McCain is not just a Rino, he is also literally insane. He has already openly attack first amendment rights, if he became Peesident, he would do more damage to the U.S. than the Clintons did in their eight years in the White House.

Let’s not forget his views on illegal immigration – the McKennedy amnesty is his doing.

I wouldn’t vote for him for all the mexicans in the US.

If it’s Hillary he’s running against, I’ll be dragging everyone I can to vote for him.

“McCain …. is a conservative Republican. “

ROTFL — I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Just look at his voting record. He recently authored and sponsored the “terrorist protection” bill, that doesn’t sound like something a conservative Republican would do. Not to mention all his other votes that were not only NOT “conservative Republican”, but there were opposite of the votes of the Republican majority.

Frankly, I don’t disagree with much of what McCain has to say. However, the man is nuts. He scares me.

Thanks for the reminder. This guy is arguably more dangerious than Hillary.

“McCain would beat Hillary in an electoral rout not seen since 1984.”

Only if he is running on a Democratic ticket; on a Republican ticket he would be an excellent reason to go play golf on election day.

george Allen will be the GOP nominee ! Bank on it !

Allen is a marshmallow. “Jet Puffed” is not presidential timber.

You are entitled to your baseless opinion.

26 posted on 04/10/2006 12:31:07 AM PDT by Old Seadog (Inside every old person is a young person saying “WTF happened?”.)

If the McCainiac is it, it will be without this child, no more will I vote for the lesser evil. Depending on who is on the opposing ticket, McCain may be the greater evil.

Not my favorite, and I wouldn’t vote for him in the Primary. If it came down to him against Hillary,
or Feingold against Hillary, well most any Dem, I would vote for McPain. He could never do as much home to this country as a Liberal.

Fortunately, the Republican nominee is chosen by Republican primary voters, not by insufferable Beltway swishes like George Will.

He has endorsed teaching “intelligent design” theory in schools… I already rather much detested McCain, but pigs will fly through a blizzard in hell before I’d vote for him now.

I don’t “hate” McCain, but I sure would never vote for him. It isn’t a matter of hate, it’s just that I can’t stand him. As soon as I see him, I get angry. That’s all it takes. Especially after seeing him up there with Ted fat head Kennedy on the amnesty thing. I can’t say “that was the last straw”, because the last straw was a long time ago. Let’s just say, after seeing him up there the other day with fat-head, “that was the last, last straw”. I don’t care what the “polls say” … he has about as much chance of getting the nomination as Lindsey (Lindsay? – what’s his name?) Graham-cracker (or whatever his name is – he was up there too, with fat-head). What happened to Rudy? He isn’t running? God knows where this thing is going, but I like George Allen of Virginia.

If NovoCaine can get past the primaries I can see him comfortably winning the General election against any Democrat. That is unless the base deserts him in November. But then we are not letting him get past the primaries, so McPain can forget it.

He comes off as a wack job even if we agree 100% !

Absolutely not. I would never vote for anyone that to my knowledge supports teaching “intelligent design” as if it were science. ID is not science and science education in America has enough problems without teaching mysticism and philosophy as if they’re science. Who knows what future scientist’s achievements could potentially get aborted by teaching him unscientific nonsense as if it were science??

The only way a RINO like McCain gets my vote is if he’s got a gun to my head. I’d rather ‘waste’ my vote on a third party conservative than REALLY waste my vote on an insane nutbag like him.

And for anyone still remotely considering that dirtbag–Senator Keating Five McCain, lately Mr. “Campaign Reform,” didn’t vote against the ‘bridge to nowhere’ when he could have stood tall against pork and had it COUNT instead of grandstanding.

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