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This and that in the mailbag – open thread

Go ahead, hit me with what’s going on out there — blogwhore and link away…

Here are some things that recently came in the mailbag.

* Loaded Orygun (that’s also Carla of Preemptive Karma) updates us on a lesbian couple that is taking the state of Oregon to court for preventing the name of the non-birth mother to be on the birth certificate of their child.

* DBK @ Blanton’s and Ashton’s emailed about the numnut owner of a popular gym in Philly (frequented by gays) who stupidly supports Senator Man-on-Dog Santorum. Philadelphia’s 12th Street Gym owner Bob Guzzardi’s wingnuttery garnered enough heat that he decided to sell his share of the gym. Activists later declared the area a “Santorum-Free Zone.”

* Jon @ The Pensito Review has a bone to pick with the “Christian” loser who is suing for the right to hate at Georgia Tech, which has a anti-discrimination policy. The argument is that these measures, intended to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination, are actually discriminating against conservative Christians.

* MadKane’s latest ditty is Ode to the Leaker-In-Chief. Check it out.

* Speaking of ditties, check out Pink featuring Indigo Girls – Dear Mr. President. Thanks, Blender Randy for the pointer.

* And On the Fritz weighs in on American Idol boot-ee Mandisa, who dropped the Jeebus-bomb on the show too many times, and told the press that “she’s not a gay ‘Advocate'”. Fritz says, “How many dance singles is she gonna sell?” Indeed. There will be no gay icon status in her future…

* Michael Stickings writes another thought-provoker, Liberalism unbound: Shifting the center of gravity in American politics. A snippet:

Liberals and Democrats, stand firm. Stand up for what you believe in. Do not give in. There may be room for compromise, for “centrist” policy, but do not abandon liberalism. Do not allow the other side to define the parameters of American politics and thereby the center of gravity thereof. Do not succumb to absolutism, do not turn immoderate, but also do not sacrifice your principles, our principles, for the sake of short-term political gain.

Remember that America is fundamentally a liberal society. If presented with conviction and compassion, a liberal vision for America will resonate once again with Americans. Don’t expect 1964 all over again, but there’s no reason why liberals can’t balance out conservative efforts to define the parameters of American politics. If they succeed, if we succeed, America may soon look and act more like itself again.

* Eva and Paul both emailed me about the AFA’s latest crowing about giving Ford a wedgie with its boycott. They are both on the mailing list of those Wildmon dirtbags, who take pleasure in beating up the automaker when it’s on an economic slide, taking credit for a 5% drop in sales. Pigs. Also, a shareholder resolution asking Ford to stop promoting the “homo agenda” will remain on the docket of the meeting.

The resolution requests “that Ford Motor Company amend its written equal employment opportunity policy to exclude any reference to privacy issues related to sexual interests, activities or orientation.”

* Blender Scott and NC Triad-area blogger Matt Hill Comer passed along this item about a GSA controversy that has erupted in Rowan County. Unhinged Charlotte-area AmTaliban Flip Benham of Operation Save America used a press conference in Salisbury to kick off his “God is Going Back to School” campaign, inviting “Concerned parents, teachers, pastors, students, and local businessmen are joining together to say, “NO!” to the bullying tactics of the radical homosexual agenda.” All over a freaking gay-straight alliance in the schools. More in the Charlotte Observer.

Scott just emailed me: “Just after the Rev. Flip’s press conference, a largely attended school board meeting voted unanimously to ban a Gay/Straight Alliance club at Rowan High School. 7-0.” More here.

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