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Late Nite FDL: Dubious WTF Bonus Edition

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Somewhere in the realm of possibility, one lone reporter might have only been paying half attention to Dead Eye Dick as he sauntered onto the field and threw a sissy pitch, and thought the booing in the crowd came as a result of said sissy pitch.  AP, Reuters, the New York Times and the Post’s own video of the moment all indicate that the jeers were for Cheney himself and began the moment he appeared.  But maybe the reporter, David Nakamura, is just not Johnny-on-the-spot.

So explain how a second reporter made the same mistake:

When all the fans settled into their seats under the sun, long after Vice President Cheney had skipped his ceremonial first pitch into the dirt in front of Washington Nationals catcher Brian Schneider — and received boos on his way off the field — there was still none of the juice, none of the spine tingles, that came at this point last season.

What publication would this quote be in, you ask?  Well why do you even have to ask?

Tomorrow’s Washington Post, of course. 

The next Howard Kurtz column will no doubt tell us that there are two sides to every story and it’s important for responsible journalists to present a "balanced" perspective, especially in matters like this that have been overly politicized by Democrats. 

Are they living in some sort of alternate universe? 

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