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Gay net 'here! TV' picks up UCC ad

Viacom’s faux-gay LOGO rejected it, but here!, the first gay-oriented TV network, will run the United Church of Christ’s new “ejector” commercial. Guess the suits in that board room don’t have a complex about inclusion, unlike the Viaclone dolts. (US Newswire):

“As a cable network dedicated to serving the needs of LGBT Americans, ‘here! Networks’ is proud and honored to broadcast the United Church of Christ’s kind and inclusive ad,” said Stephen Macias, senior vice president of communications, in a statement to United Church News. “We will not allow our community’s interaction with various religious groups to be defined by those who do not include us in their houses of worship, but rather by those who welcome us as part of their respective congregations. We strongly support all faith-based organizations that use their teachings to bring people together, not to divide with fear and prejudice.”

The ad will run indefinitely on “here! TV,” Macias said, and could be supplemented with additional gay-positive UCC spots in the future.

…”UCC members and churches are grateful for the courtesy and affirmation extended to us by ‘here! TV,'” said the Rev. Robert Chase, the UCC’s director of communications. “This partnership means that more and more people will hear the gospel message of welcome and inclusion, which is too often reduced by our culture as something reserved only for selective segments of society. It’s imperative as people of faith that welcome the stranger, just as Jesus did. As our ad emphasizes, ‘God doesn’t reject people, and neither do we.'”

We don’t get LOGO on Time Warner Cable, but we do get “here!”. It’s available on satellite providers DIRECTV (Channel 190) and DISH (Channel 537), and through multiple cable providers, including Adelphia, Cablevision, Comcast, RCN, Starpower and Time Warner Cable.

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