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Darth's ass was booed

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney throws out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals first home game of the season at RFK Stadium in Washington, April 11, 2006. The Nationals are playing the New York Mets. REUTERS/Jason Reed

Think Progress has the video. Apparently the drones at Faux News turned down the audio when Mr. Defibrillator took the mound and the crowd greeted him with boos and catcalls.


Speaking of the VP, I just received a copy of Duck! The Dick Cheney Survival Bible ($9.95 Villard), by Gene Stone, the NYT bestselling author of The Bush Survival Bible.

From the book’s web site:

Why, you may wonder, a book on surviving Dick Cheney? He’s not going to shoot you. Or at least, the odds aren’t that high. You’re probably not rich or powerful enough to be invited on one of his hunting trips. And besides, he’s a bad shot.

Well, once you think about it, there actually are plenty of bad things Dick Cheney could do to you. He could start a war on a false pretext, and send your friends and children off to fight in it. He could drive oil prices up so high that you will no longer be able to commute. He could raise your debt to a preposterously high level (while telling you that “deficits don’t matter”). He could tap your phone without your knowledge, and post your conversations on a local bulletin board. He could hire thugs to torture your family–no explanation required.

When people truly grasp the concept of Dick Cheney, they become scared. Really scared. “I had a nightmare the other night,” they remember, “and it was about the vice president!” Or they realize, “When my toddler saw him on tv, she burst into tears and ran from the room!” Or, they recall, “That’s the man whose face broke my mirrors and whose voice made the dog howl.”

Dick Cheney isn’t just the vice president of the United States anymore. He is something much larger and more intimidating. Dick Cheney is the scariest man in America.

Oh, you won’t believe this one – Gene Stone emailed me and I’m actually mentioned in the book, in the chapter “12 Places to Go Online.”

Given the mainstream media’s increasingly conservative bent, and the general lack of nonconservative news sources, more and more people are checking out the Web for their news. There are many good sites, including Raw Story and Political Wire, as well as blogs by Steve Clemons, Joe Conason, Matt Yglesias, James Wolcott, Pam Spaulding, Josh Marshall, Oliver Willis, and a host of others…

I nearly fell out of my chair reading at being mentioned with those heavy-hitters. Good grief, what am I doing in that company, lololol?! Thanks, Gene. I need a cup of tea to recover from reading that one…

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