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Prison officer faces punishment for screening 'Brokeback' to inmates

“I want to make it clear, it wasn’t the subject matter — it was the graphic nature of the sexually explicit scenes.”
— Massachusetts Department of Correction spokeswoman Diane Wiffin on why an officer is being reprimanded for showing “Brokeback”

Help me out folks — what movie is this spokesperson talking about? I didn’t see any sexually explicit scenes in this film, certainly I saw nothing remotely approaching activity Ms. Wiffin might get a gander at if she took a stroll around MCI-Norfolk, the facility where the Oscar-winning film was screened by an unnamed prison official. For god’s sake. (SFGate):

Massachusetts Department of Correction spokeswoman Diane Wiffin said the officer, whose name was not released, had not followed standard procedure for screening the movie for excessive violence, assaults on correctional staff, nudity or explicit sexual content.

She would not reveal what discipline the officer could face.

The officer showed the movie Thursday at MCI-Norfolk, a medium security prison about 25 miles southwest of Boston. According to Wiffin, a deputy supervisor came in as the movie was showing and asked if the officer had screened it first. He said no. Since only 20 minutes remained of the movie, the inmates were allowed to see the end, she said.

As far as she knew, no other personnel had been disciplined for showing a movie.

Hat tip, Paul

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