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Get out the hanky for the Christian Coalition

The WaPo has an article on the beautiful downward spiral of the Christian Coalition, as it wallows in deep debt and is being abandoned by chapters left and right. The brainchild of Crazy Pat and the former home of Abramoff bedmate and pious whizkid Ralph Reed is a shell of its once-powerful self.

In an era when conservative Christians enjoy access and influence throughout the federal government, the organization that fueled their rise has fallen on hard times.

The once-mighty Christian Coalition, founded 17 years ago by the Rev. Pat Robertson as the political fundraising and lobbying engine of the Christian right, is more than $2 million in debt, beset by creditors’ lawsuits and struggling to hold on to some of its state chapters.

In March, one of its most effective chapters, the Christian Coalition of Iowa, cut ties with the national organization and reincorporated itself as the Iowa Christian Alliance, saying it “found it impossible to continue to carry a name that in any way associated us with this national organization.”

I burst out laughing at this paragraph. Oh, it’s too good.

At its peak a decade ago, the Christian Coalition deployed a dozen lobbyists on Capitol Hill. Today, it has a single Washington employee who works out of his home. Its phone number with a 202 area code is automatically forwarded to a small office in Charleston, S.C.

Hat tip, Holly.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding