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Bush’s Favorite Democrat Won’t Commit to Be a Democrat


Crooks & Liars now has video of Holy Joe saying loud and clear that he won’t nix a run as a non-Democratic candidate if he loses the primary race to Ned Lamont.   Lamont, on the other hand, has agreed that he will support the Democratic candidate in November whoever that is.

I think mcjoan may be right, Joementum may be trying to get the party to push Lamont out of the race a la Paul Hackett, by threatening to be his usual turncoat self.

If this is not okay with you I suggest speaking up now and not later when it’s fait accompli.  Thirdparty has a diary at Kos asking people to call the DSCC and tell them they should be pressing Lieberman for an answer on this and refusing to give him any money or support if he is only going to use it to run against a Democratic candidate.  Please recommend if you’re a Kossack.  You can also leave a comment on the DSCC’s website here .

(graphic by NeoJoe) 

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