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Boobage and the governor's race in Alabama

The governor’s race in Alabama sure is getting interesting. The Libertarian Party has selected Loretta Nall as its candidate and she’s getting a lot of attention, and surprise, it’s not all about the issues. Gee…

Her slogan is Vote Nall Y’all…It’s Just Common Sense.This is a race with the disgraced, de-benched judge Roy “Ten Commandments” Moore in it, and former governor Don Siegelman, who is being tried on racketeering charges. Kathy at Birmingham Blues notes:

Her platform includes support for initiative & referendum, drug policy and prison reform, tax cuts for private and home school families, repealing sales tax on food, non-compliance with the Patriot and REAL ID Acts, calling for Alabama National Guard troops to be brought home from Iraq, separation of religion and government, legal lottery and casino gambling run by private enterprise, and the promotion and development of alternative fuel sources so that Alabama can begin to decrease its dependence on foreign oil.

I’m happy that the people of Alabama can choose between three candidates who didn’t end up fired or indicted based on their performance in previous government positions. It’s also good to have an outspoken woman in the race.

Nall is a woman who isn’t afraid (in the bible belt) to put the link “Boobs & Panties….Who Knew??” right up on her campaign web site. That’s refreshing.

If you’re wondering about the whole booby thing, the well-endowed gubernatorial candidate had to put up with two guys named Bob who are fixated on Ms. Nall’s breasticles — and not even nude ones — it doesn’t take much in God’s country.

Bob #1 , editor of the The Montgomery Independent, Bob Martin, selected a picture of Ms. Nall that showed some cleavage. Here’s the boobage that shocked Bob #2, columnist Bob Ingram, in whose column the photo ran:

Here’s Ingram’s reaction after this shot ran:

Allow me to express a personal note of appreciation to Bob Martin, the editor of this newspaper, for finding a picture of gubernatorial candidate Loretta Nall to run with my column last week. I am sure it attracted a lot of readers.

In 55 years of political writing, that was a first for me—-a picture in my column of a woman displaying cleavage. I can only hope that my mother…and I know for a fact where she ended in the after life…didn’t see that column. She wouldn’t have approved of that picture.

Nall, in turn, sent both Bobs a fabulous letter on the matter. A snippet (and you have to go read the whole thing).

Earlier this week it came to my attention that you had supplied a photo of me for use in Mr. Bob Ingram’s column. While I missed the first column I happened to catch the second one containing Mr. Ingram’s apparent surprise at discovering the fact that I have breasts. GASP!

…It was quite shocking to me to see my breasts being discussed in the context of my gubernatorial election campaign and by a highly respected political columnist. Why, I’m even thinking of changing my campaign slogan to “Less Bob….More Boob!”

I stopped by your office yesterday morning in hopes of discussing this matter with you in person but you were not in yet. I purchased a copy of the paper to see what all the uproar was about and discovered the photo you had used was from at least two years ago and on a website that has nothing to do with my campaign.

While I am in no way ashamed of the photo, a little cleavage never hurt anyone after all, I have to question your decisions of not contacting me for a photo and using information from a website other than my campaign website, which is located at .

I also question why you chose that particular photo out of about 200 available on the internet, many of which were more suitable for the political nature of the article in which the photo appeared. It doesn’t seem to be a decision that a person of your journalistic credibility and background would make.

On the up side, my web traffic has been through the roof….I guess nothing drives people to website quite like a shot at seeing some high profile boobies. If nothing else, you have secured me the “horny guy” vote that exists among your readers.

Nall, btw, has worked out the whole shebang with editor Bob Martin, and she posts an update here, where she said: “I’ll drop you a yard sign by when I am in Montgomery later this week. Would you like your sign with or without cleavage? :)”


After all the skyrocketing traffic to her site, Nall also posted this as an update “to help a sister out” — go girl:

If you are reading this blog and the stories about the boobies and panties made you laugh then make a $1 contribution to my campaign.

If everyone reading over the last two weeks had contributed $1 then I would have enough money to finance ballot access and the rest of my entire campaign for Governor of Alabama. It really is that simple.

Women of ample cleavage must stick together; the assumption that boobs=stupid, boobs=slut or boobs=return to mommy’s teat surfaces all too quickly — and openly — as we see here in completely inappropriate, irrelevant ways. Are “the twins” always what matters first to these folks?

Yet another reason why breast reductions are so popular.


Kathy received a great letter from Loretta Nall today:

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for posting about my campaign on your site. People from all over the US are making contributions at a time when I greatly need them. Bless you woman for promoting me.

I posted on your blog but also wanted to tell you in a seperate email that as Governor I will veto any legislation banning gay marriage. The government does not belong in our bedroom and they do not have any power under the constitution to define marriage. Did you know that the only reason a marriage license was required in the first place was to keep inter-racial couples from marrying after slavery ended. Before that one was not required.

I am happy to state that on the internet, in the news media and to anyone else who asks me about my position on gay marriage. And by all means let the gay community in Alabama know that I am an ally. If you have events where speakers are required I would be happy to speak or if you would like to organize something for me in the future just give me a holler.

I believe this election that if I can pull in all of the people that are pissed off, disgusted, angry and sick of being fucked with then I might actually win. I truly believe we have reached the tipping point where the politicians have angered enough of us that we could unite and vote them out of office. That’s my plan anyway 🙂

Liberty for All,
Loretta Nall

She also dropped me a line just a bit ago:

Dear Pam,

Thank you so much for your words of support and for providing coverage of my campaign for Governor of Alabama.

Many links have been posted around the internet and today money has been
pouring in to my campaign.

Alabama has so much potential but our elected officials play on the ignorance and fear of the population and they exploit the religious beliefs of their constituency.

People here are thirsting for change and I honestly believe I will have a major impact on this election if not outright win it.

Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the linkage.

In Liberty,
Loretta Nall

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