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I’m a big Matthew Sweet fan. 1991’s Girlfriend may be one of the greatest pop albums ever recorded, marrying Sweet’s sixties sensibilities to the swirling crashing guitars of Richard Lloyd and the late great Robert Quine. I don’t remember much of what else we were listening to at that time, but I know that nothing quite sounded like Girlfriend.

Through the years he had some middling (Blue Sky on Mars) to good (Altered Beast) to landmark (In Reverse) releases, but I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s release of Under the Covers, Vol. 1 where the Bangles Susanna Hoffs joins him to recreate some of the best of the sixties. I think what makes Sweet so enjoyable is his obvious fondness for a great pop song with a hook along with his superior production skills. You may not care for how he covers a song, but you have to admire the work and love that goes into it.

You can hear some of the new CD here. Warning: the music comes on immediately…not that you’re at work or anything and should be, you know, working.

By the way, the new Stereophonics live also comes out tomorrow. You never know what you’re going to get with them, but it’s always entertaining in odd ways.

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