Amnesty – More popular than Jesus.

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I was speaking with a couple of my employees this morning who went to the big Amnesty march in San Diego yesterday.

Tens of thousands of people marched down Sixth Avenue near Elm Street on their way to the County Administration Center yesterday. Attendance topped that of the largest known San Diego march, a 1994 ‘March for Jesus’ that drew 25,000 to 40,000 people to the waterfront. Posted by Picasa

Now I keep reading on the rightwing sites that the marchers are illegals and why aren’t we rounding them up since they are flouting our laws yadda yadda yadda. Both of my employees who marched are in their mid-twenties and were born to legal immigrants in the United States (San Diego and Anaheim), and yet they took time from their Sunday afternoon to walk for those who are in this country illegally. The point being that, despite what the right wing would have you believe, the crowds are nowhere near entirely made up of illegals nor are they exclusively Hispanic. They also contained more than their fair share of Americans who also happen to be from South Korea and Ghana and Cameroon and Guatemala and China and you name it. They were all there.

Far be it from me to warn the Republicans against striking a match when they smell gas at party headquarters, but don’t they ever learn?

Bin Laden double-dog dared the US into the Middle East to fight and had we concentrated on Afghanistan and completed the job, we could have walked away with honor for doing the right and acceptable thing as well as maintaining the sympathy and cooperation of the rest of the world. But no. No, we had to go and indulge the fantasies of a bunch of neo-cons with delusions of competency, and now we’ve got our tongue stuck to metal pole of Iraq and we can’t escape gracefully.

Having treated decades of international diplomacy the way Gallagher used to treat a watermelon, they train their Sharp Shootin’ Dick Cheney eye on immigration reform and proceed to shoot themselves in the face. It’s not like they weren’t warned. As Ruy Teixeira put it:

As two recent reports document, the Hispanic population of the United States continues to increase rapidly, especially in areas that we now think of as “solid red.” The Pew Hispanic Center report describes and analyzes the extraordinary growth of the Hispanic population in six southern states, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, down to the county level. The Census report shows that Texas has now become a majority-minority state (joining New Mexico, California and Hawaii), primarily due to its burgeoning Hispanic population.

The political impact of this demographic trend should generally favor the Democrats. But the extent to which this is true will be limited if Democratic margins among Hispanics continue to be shaved, as they were in the 2004 election.

However, according to a useful new report by the indefatigable folks at Democracy Corps, the Democratic margin among Hispanics seems likely to expand in the future, not contract. If so, the pro-Democratic impact of Hispanic population growth should be very substantial.

Due to their inability to learn from their mistakes, it’s becoming quite apparent that the Republican Party has become the Wile E. Coyote party.

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This should be fun to watch. Pass the nachos, por favor…

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