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Talking trash with Tim Wildmon

Or…how fundies can’t learn to love the F-bomb, by the president of the American Family Association.

But today many people mock you if you complain about public profanity. They say it’s just the way people talk today and the language one uses doesn’t matter. My question then is, why use words like “f” and “mf” and “gd” in public if language doesn’t matter? Why didn’t the teenage boy on the basketball court just say, “Give me the ball, John,” instead of “Give me the ball ‘mf’?”

From Tim’s propaganda organ, AgapePress, a screed, er, guest commentary on profanity, “Proliferation of Public Profanity a Cultural — and Spiritual — Problem,” that will make you roll.

Perhaps you saw the same survey I saw the other day about Americans and public profanity. It said that we the people are cursing more frequently and using words that were once considered taboo in public. I was probably 12 years old when I first heard the “f” word used by a neighborhood kid. I even asked my parents what it meant because I had no idea. Talk about an awkward moment for a parent. Today, however, you frequently hear words such as this out in the open.

A few weeks back I was on an airplane and the 25-year-old male a few seats over was yaking on his cell phone, letting everyone in on his business that none of us cared about. About every 60 seconds he felt the need to use the “f” word. I don’t know if that made him feel more adult or what. Later in the airport waiting on a connecting flight, there was a lady, about 50, talking loudly on her cell phone. I heard her twice use the “f” word in what sounded like a casual conversation.

…For the Christian, foul language is forbidden by the Bible. That is why using profanity in public was considered unacceptable before we became a post-Christian culture. Christian values and morals are now considered passé or “old-fashioned” to many Americans – especially the younger generation, sad to say.

…Even though we know the standard, still, we are human and we often fail to live up to those standards. But the occasional slip is not what I am talking about. I wish it were. What I am talking about is a serious profanity problem in the general population. Sadly, I doubt we can reverse this trend. As I stated earlier, in many respects our American society has rejected the Christian moral value system. So this really is the way people talk to each other if they don’t care what God thinks about the words that come out of their mouths. To them — to us in our current cultural context — it doesn’t seem to matter. But according to God’s Word, words still matter.

Will the AFA propose stoning for public profanity? A boycott, on something, perhaps — are they simply running out of things to get riled up about? Oh wait, the AFA is already mad at NASCAR for an errant “piece of sh*t” comment that floated onto the airwaves, and is filing a complaint with the FCC.

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