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Back in NC

NYC was flipping cold. As the plane landed, it was SNOWING. For this native Tar Heel and Katie the Alabamian, we were about to break out into tears over the prospect of crappy weather for our whole trip. And it rained most of the time to boot.

We spent most of the time indoors in Queens and Brooklyn with family and old friends, so we weren’t doing too much of the tourist thing anyway.

Kate with my two aunts, getting blasted with cold air.

But look — we did get to the Unisphere! There were kids rollerblading in the blue fountain area that is drained for the winter. We also saw a couple getting their wedding pictures taken near the steel structure, which is in Flushing Meadow Park. It was freaking cold, I don’t know how the gal could stand there with her white gown whipping in the wind.

However, it was positively frigid on Saturday evening, when I met up with Nancy Goldstein, ace Raw Story columnist (and her wife), as well as Blender Donica and Lindy, a HS friend of Kate. We had dinner at Frank, on Second Ave and Fifth Street (the Lower East side).

Your blogmistress and Nancy G.

Oh, and as we were flying out today, the sky cleared and it was warmer. Sigh.


I arrived home to an inbox of 250+ emails, so I’m slogging through it all for the next while…

And a big thanks, as always, to my man ‘Radical’ Russ for behaving behind the counter and serving tasty bits and hot java. Hit him up with some Paypal love over at his pad, (or go grab yourself some neat RR swag).

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