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Michelle Malkin (and her husband) spent all afternoon and evening compiling evidence that Mexican-Americans are illegaly waving the flag of Mexico and sporting “Mexican” tattoos and wearing the Mexico national team soccer jerseys which means that….they’re reconquistadors.

Michelle (and Jesse) add:

The Dallas Morning News also reported that counter-protesters were assaulted and forced to leave under police protection:

Police told counterprotesters that they could protect them only to a point, and offered to escort them out through an underground parking lot. Six people left with police who were carrying shields and wearing helmets and shin pads.

“They’re obviously outnumbered here. If they choose to leave, we can arrange that,” said Dallas police Lt. William Humphrey.

Miles Walters, 16, a sophomore at Richardson High School, said he was scared when people started throwing water bottles and hunkered under a building for protection. “I wasn’t expecting it to be this bad,” he said. “Because we take pride in our country they hate us and call us racist.”


A small group of counterprotesters shouted from a parking lot at Ross Avenue and Harwood Street: “USA, USA, You’re gonna go home, you’re gonna go home.”

Said Elijah McGrew, 48: “They are breaking the law and no one should get amnesty. If I break the law, I don’t get amnesty.”

Also in the group was Ben Blewusi, who said he came to the U.S. legally from Ghana in 2004.

“Illegal immigration is a crime in every country. I believe they are a drain on the economy and don’t pay taxes, and employers take advantage of them and enslave their labor. And as a result it drives down wages for legal migrants and U.S. citizens,” Mr. Blewusi said.

Near City Hall, more than 100 chanting protesters broke off from the main march and headed toward another group of counterprotesters. Police moved in around the counterprotesters, some of whom had hurled plastic water bottles at the large procession

I’ll leave it to you to find the part that she didn’t bold.

You know, if someone can find a picture of a Mexican-American holding the flag of Mexico while simultaneously protesting the Danish cartoons, I think that Michelle would have an orgasm that could be measured by the U.S. Geological Survey.

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