Kerning the caricatures -A bloggers quest for immortality

Right wing bloggers have taken to shooting themselves in the face:

Time Clowns Condi’s Face In Leadership Poll

Condirice_1 Perhaps you remember this USA Today flap via Michelle Malkin:


No, Condi isn’t possessed; the photo was manipulated.

Time dot com goes one better with a leadership poll they are hosting today.

Talk a look at the three images at right. If not the same picture, they are very close. Unfortunately, at Time dot com (the last is a screen cap, the second the actual image from here) Rice’s face appears to have been reduced vertically though Condi_90x90 not horizontally, giving it a caricature’s look if I’ve ever seen one. It’s absurd.

Here is where the photo is taken from.

He’s a riehl smart one, he is.

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