According to Atrios, Connecticut residents will finally have the pleasure of meeting their reclusive Senator in person tomorrow (who admits he spends too much time in Washington DC to listen to things like local radio).  And what is he likely to encounter?  The peerless Colin McEnroe from the Hartford Courant tells us what the Senator who is conspiculously silent about Bush’s proclivity for playing hacky-sack with classified information might expect from local Connecticutians:

Wow. Can this man get through one week without a train wreck in the press? Not so far. Not in a long, long time. If you’re Joe Lieberman and you have a bunny in your bowler,  a hare in your homburg, a cottontail in your cap, now is the frickin’ time to pull it out! MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

But no, Lieberman’s tin ear continues with his failure to denounce, thunderingly, the hypocrisy and untrustworthiness of the Bush White House and of the president himself. Of course, there’s a reward waitin’ over yonder when that mighty cloudy  of witnesses, the Connecticut Republicans and right-leaning independents, get a chance to vote for him.  Meanwhile, though, he has given Ned Lamont an almost unthinkable opportunityto gather more momentum and credibility than such a raw, unready candidate would ordinarily acquire in a race like this. By his own incompetence, Lieberman has effectively converted Lamont from Tim Foli to Luis Aparicio.

Bush’s favorite Democrat will be at the Windsor Town Hall at 11:30 am, Suffield Town Hall at 1 pm and Newington Knights of Columbus Hall at 2 pm.  I have a few questions I’d like to ask Holy Joe myself, like "how’s your blockbuster of a war going?"  "Any plans for a sequel in Iran?"  and "Are you available for taxi rides to the nearest non-Catholic hospital in case anyone gets raped?"  More good questions suggested by Connecticut journalists here.

But the biggest question is — who will be the Harry Taylor of these events?  Who will have the courage to stand up to the warmongering Lieberman and speak the truth to power? If you attend please let us know, and don’t forget to bring recorders and cameras.  I don’t like to brag about this but we’ve got a bit of an "in" over at Crooks and Liars and we may be able to hook you up, know what I mean? 

Update:  As Mary pointed out in the comments, Seymour Hersh’s new article says that "In recent weeks, the President has quietly initiated a series of talks on plans for Iran with a few key senators and members of Congress, including at least one Democrat….The House member said that no one in the meetings ‘is really objecting’ to the talk of war. ‘The people they’re briefing are the same ones who led the charge on Iraq. At most, questions are raised: How are you going to hit all the sites at once? How are you going to get deep enough?’ (Iran is building facilities underground.) ‘There’s no pressure from Congress’ not to take military action, the House member added.

Somebody really, really needs to show up and ask Lieberman if he is this "one Democrat," and what he has said to the President if in fact he is.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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