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Pray hard! The Dalai Lama is coming!

The patients at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, are in great peril. On April 17th, they will be visited by a presence so dark, so deadly, that it may be Evil Incarnate. Seriously ill patients will be exposed to a force so dedicated to death and destruction, a force that compels the feebleminded into blind obedience to fantastic notions so counter to reality and so offensive to decency and good that we must all band together and pray for the deliverance of these good people from the clutches of this malevolent force!

No, no, Dick Cheney’s not going to Minnesota. I’m talking about the highest teacher in Buddhism, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. From AgapePress (and hat-tip to Blender pushpak):

Olive Tree Ministries founder and director Jan Markell says the patients and staff at the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, need a prayer of protection on April 17. She believes a guest who will soon be visiting the hospital may pose a greater danger to the patients than the illnesses that brought them there.

Markell says she was informed by a supporter of her ministry that on that date in mid-April, the Tibetan spiritual icon, the Dalai Lama, will be visiting the clinic and speaking on “practices that encourage a peaceful mind and positive ways to live during difficult times.”

How much more obvious does it need to be, people! This man spreads this sort of lying and hatred under the guise of religion! He must be stopped!

From her own personal experience at the medical facility, the head of Olive Tree Ministries says she knows the Rochester clinic is a place where many people go as a last resort when they have exhausted all other hope for treatment of their diseases. Because of this, the Tibetan Buddhist leader’s impending visit is “a disaster waiting to happen,” she contends.

“You’ve got hundreds if not thousands of people like that, in that mental state,” Markell observes, “and then along comes this false prophet, who probably is going to give them some kind of lie because he represents everything that has to do with the New Age movement.”

The bottom line, the ministry leader says, is the need for people “to pray for this thing that’s going to happen on April 17.” At a time in the Church and in society when many people desire to experience God in a fresh new way, she contends, bringing the Dalai Lama before people who are already in a vulnerable state just paves the road for false doctrine and New Age spirituality to enter their lives.

You damn sure don’t want to waste all that mental vulnerability exposing someone to a false doctrine of spirituality, when that is the moment they are most ready to accept that the maker of the universe made them exactly in his image, cares deeply what they do with their naughty bits, and sent himself down as his own son in order to suffer a torturous death so everyone who misuses their naughty bits can still attain a peaceful mind and experience God in a fresh new way.

But despite what Tibetan Buddhism teaches, Olive Tree Ministries’ founder asserts, the Dalai Lama cannot offer anyone peace because there is no true peace apart from salvation in Jesus. “The intriguing thing,” she says, “is the way people are flocking to want to hear this man. I guess I don’t understand, other than that we’re in such days of deception now, as the Bible predicted.”

Markell suspects that the public’s fascination with the Dalai Lama may be a mark of many people’s desire to have a fresh encounter with God. “But this is a false god in a false religion, who has nothing to offer anybody,” she emphasizes. “As a matter of fact, he’s a Buddhist, and Buddhists don’t even believe there’s a God.”

And yet, so many in the public are more interested in hearing his wisdom for a peaceful life rather than listening to the “peacemaker who got bloodily tortured to death so you can go to heaven as long as you don’t do anything fun while you’re alive” story. I guess we are in the days of deception, just as the Bible predicted.

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