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Evangelicals having trouble sucking in converts

The implosion of the Christofascist movement continues, according to the head of a bible-beating organization. Bring out the tiny violin.

Thom Rainer, president of Lifeway Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) believes the American church has become evangelistically anemic. In a recent column for, he pointed to statistics that seem to bear out that assessment.

According to a 2004 research project Rainer led, it took 86 church members in America one year to reach a single person for Christ. The study also revealed that, in the past six months, more than 50 percent of pastors made no evangelistic efforts whatsoever.

The Southern Baptist leader says Christians often get caught up in minor issues, meanwhile losing their passion for soul winning. “The majority of evangelical Christians will live a Christian life, die, and go to heaven without ever having shared their faith one time with a lost person,” he says.

“And when I say a majority,” Rainer continues, “I mean in the mid-50 percentile. We’ve got to do something to connect our people, our evangelical Christians across America, with the lost and unchurched world so that we can tell them the best news that there is — the news that Jesus Christ saves.”

As head of one of the largest distributors of Christian products and literature in the world, Rainer observes that the church in America is not lacking in resources, but lacking in genuine zeal for evangelism — a deficit for which he feels there is no good excuse.

Oh so the real story is that sales are down, right Thom?


Dispatch from NYC

Today we’re staying in Queens, visiting two my aunts. Kate, brave soul, wants a “tour of Queens,” which of course made us all laugh. We may hit the Museum of the Moving Image and the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Park.

Later I’m meeting a Stuyvesant classmate in DUMBO or Fort Greene for dinner and we’re relocating to our uncle’s pad in Stuyvesant Heights Brooklyn for the duration of our stay.

Ciao for now (on dial-up…ARGH!).
Pam and Kate

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