Violating the native tongue

Through the wonderful linkage of World O’ Crap, we are introduced to Marie Jon’ who has a way with words that is just delightful:

There are not enough words to explain the emotions one feels when seeing the massive hoards of unwanted illegal aliens flooding the streets. Our eyes were opened. We suddenly saw what we were up against. We had previously heard and read statistics on illegal aliens, but now that we saw them in masse, it was not at all attractive. It was devastating to actually see so many among us who had such disdain for our country and our person.

There they were in all their vulgar tenacity yelling insults and demanding rights that do not belong to them. Illegal people are lawbreakers. They willfully broke America’s laws when they crossed over our borders.

What a picture these ungrateful invaders painted as they streamed before TV cameras. In so many words, we did not have to understand these violators native tongue (Spanish) to grasp the meaning of their presence. They were insulting, aggressive, and mean spirited.

What they conveyed was arrogance and total disrespect for every single citizen of this country. One could plainly see defiant hostility and overbearing mannerisms emulating from this throng of people. Their body language was a picture all unto itself. Their pompous bearing swagger was much more telling than the banners they held or the gang signs they flashed. In plain English, these trespassers were saying: “We are here and in your face. What are you going to do about it?”

What emotional effects does the image of these organized marches and boycotts have on America’s psyche? Americans are divided on whether illegal aliens help or hurt the country. However, now, many more are determined to send them packing as soon as possible. Illegal aliens do not belong in the USA. They must go back where they came from or our laws will be enforced against them. They have been lied to by Latino politicians and their advocates who live here and in Mexico as to their status. The welcome mat was worn out a long time ago. We can no longer afford the fiscal or emotional strain. Do you hear us Mr. President and congress? This is a matter of sovereignty.

Only those who are worthy and respectful, and follow the rules of law are welcome. USA workers can pick fruit and vegetables, wash cars, clean hotel rooms, mind our own children and the elderly build our own homes, and take care of our own country, THANK YOU.

High school english teachers across this great country of ours will read this and weep. Some may even attempt to claw their eyes out.

I can’t say that I blame them.

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