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Who will protect the children from Homeland Security?

I’ve seen this particular Dateline NBC special, To Catch A Predator, floating around on MSNBC a few dozen times. They set up a sting to film men coming to a suburban home to meet the young teenagers they’d met online.

It’s always so surreal that these guys, walking in with cases of wine coolers, condoms, and AstroGlide, will then just sit down and speak to the authoritarian-looking white man in the suit jacket (our anchor) and the bright lights and the cameramen and the boom mic operators and the grips and god-knows who else, and just flat out lie about their intentions, or worse, snivel and apologize and claim “this is the first time”.

Geez, you’d have to be stupid on a galactic scale to not just cover your face and run. And your sick perverse criminal double-life must have your personality twisted into all sorts of dysfunctional knots.

Yet, these guys get jobs (bet they pass their drug tests, too…) as rabbis, teachers, cops, businessmen, and, in three high-profile cases, jobs in the Department of Homeland Security.

John at AMERICAblog reminds me, oh, yeah, that’s right, in addition to Brian Doyle, a spokesman at DHS, and Frank Figueroa, the former head of (no irony intended) Operation Predator for DHS, two months ago one of the guys on that Dateline NBC special was from Homeland Security, too!

And the federal agent can’t seem to stop talking to the cops.

Michael Burks: My father was a police officer. I was a police officer. I work for the Department of Homeland security. I understand you guys have a job to do and I’m not trying to tell anything else other than that. I swear to God, as God as my witness, I’m wearing a St. Michael’s medal right now, okay? I was not going to do anything with her.

But the detective doesn’t seem to be buying his story.

Police officer: I am telling you I don’t believe that you didn’t intend to have sex at some point with the girl.

Burks: Sir, I swear to God.

Police officer: It would have happened, I guarantee you, it would have happened.

And he has one more thing to say to the disgraced federal agent.

Police officer: In your position, you should have known better. You know the law. That’s even worse. You know what, that puts a bad mark on my job, on everybody. Every cop in this country you put a bad mark on.

Burks: I know, sir.

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