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Chris Bowers offered up this interesting tidbit this morning.  The Philadelphia Democratic Party has decided it needs to organize against bloggers:

Campbell believes the Finance Committee’s operation will help move the party into the future. "We need to understand the Internet and to teach our people how to use it. We need to battle the bloggers on their own turf. This takes additional resources."

They’re got to be joking.  There are so many things wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start, but the underlying assumption seems to be that bloggers are uncontrollable and uncooperative and, one assumes, bad for the party.  

I have to say I was shocked when Nancy Pelosi put her diary up on Kos today and I had to wonder at what series of circumstances made her think it was a good idea.  Now Nancy Pelosi may have her faults but she’s no Steny Hoyer, her arch nemesis who is a complete, utter and total pig.  I actually have hope for Pelosi.  I want her to do good, I want to root for her.

And I’m sure that when Nancy is out in her own district, and she tells people that she’s filing resolutions against Tom DeLay, everyone applauds and thinks that’s a really good idea.  The Kos diary is now a flaming shit heap.  And I’m sure when they do the post-mortem tomorrow they’ll blame it all on angry bloggers.  But maybe they’ll start to get the idea that online political junkies are about 99% more sophisticated about the details of what’s actually going on in Congress that they think.  She’s not battling bloggers any more than the Philadelphia Democratic Party is.  What they’re battling are informed voters who follow the news in real-time, hate being patronized and don’t fall for the kitchen scraps gobbled up by people who are only paying half attention to this shit.

Whoever sent her out there and told her she was going to encounter a friendly audience did not do their homework.  Did not understand the online anger that awaits every single member of the Judiciary Committee who did not show up last Friday.  And I myself can hardly wait for cardboard man Evan Bayh to make his next appearance.  We remember.  We bring stuff back up to the surface at the appropriate time.   We can’t make people care but we can serve the function of memory and make sure that important details don’t get lost in the shuffle.

It’s really not that complicated to keep netizens off your back and on your side.  Stop repeating GOP talking points and making things easy for Republicans, and for the love of GOD don’t stab other Democrats when they try to stand up to them.

Is that so very hard?

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