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Take the Poll: FDL YearlyKos Breakfast

Okay, I’m working with the YearlyKos people to set up an FDL breakfast.  I didn’t exactly inherit the "event planner" gene so many gay folks seem to have, but my business consultant side tells me to get some data before I make a fool of myself.  Therefore, I need you to take a 3 1 minute survey to help me know how best to serve you.

The FDL breakfast is meant as a celebration of this blog community, which means it’s all about you. It’s also a chance for dear virtual friends to become closer in person.

In that spirit, I’ve put together my own Top Ten Reasons FDL Rocks:

10.  Joe Wilson lurks here (Hey, Joe!  Ignore the wankers:  you look hot in that Vanity Fair photoshoot.) 

 9.  Troll Trexing.

 8.  We’re getting too big for our britches! 

 7.  Dammit, I got EPU’d! 

 6.  All the right people hate us.

 5.  Intelligent, compassionate discussions on complex, controversial topics, all day, every day.

 4.  We don’t just write:  we organize and fight.

 3.  Koufax, anyone

 2.  This is no place for Snarkaholics Anonymous.  

 1.  You.  Just you.  [Insert your name here.]

The survey will close at 5:00 PM EST tomorrow, April 6.  I want it up long enough to get a reasonable sample of our community, but not so long it gets spam stuffed.  You can only complete it once.

So, what do you like about this place? 

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