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New Conservative Canadian Government ready to bash the homos

Pam, Kate, enjoy the status of your legal Canadian marriage while you can…

(Ottawa) Canada’s new Conservative government said Wednesday that it is preparing legislation to repeal the same-sex marriage law.

The move follows a campaign promise to hold a free vote in Parliament on the issue.

Justice Minister Vic Toews said the bill is being prepared and a vote would be held “sooner rather than later.”

Toews pointed to the party platform saying that if the equal marriage law is overturned the government would bring in a second bill limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples.

So sad. This Tory government is also looking to recriminalize marijuana and ratchet up its own War On Drugs, and also have relented on the US DOJ request to extradite Canadian Marc Emery to face charges relating to his marijuana seed business, charges that would get him a small fine and minor jail time in Canada, but could put him away for life down here.

Gee, a draconian war on marijuana and a Puritanical war on homosexuals. And I don’t like hockey or beer or cold weather… Thanks, Tories, for curing my urge to give up and move to Canada!

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