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Nancy Pelosi Over at Kos


Nancy Pelosi is over at Kos drumming up support for her resolution to have the Ethics Committee investigate Tom DeLay.  Now that’s a worthy goal, but as we all know in a Repubilcan-controlled House extremely unlikely to happen. Has she actually filed a complaint with the Ethics Commitee?  According to Ari Berman in The Nation, the answer would be no.

I myself would rather hear an explanation for this:

“I think that things are going well for the Democrats right now,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday, alluding to recent data showing that a plurality of poll respondents would prefer a Democratic-controlled House.

So why, she implied, should Democrats risk spoiling the mood?

She rebuffed the call by Sen. Russ Feingold, D- Wisc., to censure Bush for ordering National Security Agency surveillance of al Qaida contacts with persons in the United States without seeking warrants from a court.

“I have no idea why anybody would censure someone before they have an investigation,” she said.

I really don’t think the Democratic leadership gets it.  I don’t think they understand, as Glenn Greenwald has stated over and over again, that the President admits he broke the law and therefore censure is appropriate.  That no investigation is needed to determine that, nor will an investigation be forthcoming, especially after Chuck Schumer’s ego dictated that nobody would show up and support Russ Feingold at the Judiciary Committee hearing.

I know they don’t get that a lot of people feel this way.  I’ve heard over and over again that the Democrats don’t think that the people are behind Feingold. 

Nancy Pelosi is in the House.  She’s not in the Senate.  Why she had to pipe up and cut the legs out from underneath Russ Feingold I have no idea, but maybe someone should ask her. 

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