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Jane @ Firedoglake (a Koufax winner for Best Series, btw) invited me to guest post tonight on racism in the right wing blogosphere. Apparently the MSM can’t seem to find any evidence that sites like Red State, Free Republic and Little Green Footballs exist.

Ask Wolf Blitzer, who allowed winger talk show host Hugh Hewitt to get away with saying this on The Situation Room:

“No, that’s not right, because talk radio, when you look at Rush, at Sean, at myself, at Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, we all conduct ourselves appropriately on the air, or the FCC will smack — smite — smack us down.—So, I think what we have got is basically a monopoly on responsible new media on the center-right side, and talk radio is responsible new media, even though that fever swamp on the left, the Michael Moore-disease-ridden Democrats on the left, they don’t want to admit that, so they won’t. But, in fact, talk radio is quite responsible.”

Jane’s series runs all this week; last night Armando of DKos was up with The Education of Blitzer Continues.

So surf over and take a look at my offering, Educating Wolfie.

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