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Update:  Please go hit the recommend button if you’re a Kossack and help Mike out 

There’s a very interesting diary riding up at the top of the Kos diaries today about the overt racism of right-wing radio.  The GOP attempt to divert attention from the fall of their criminal kingpin, Tom Delay, and onto Cynthia McKinney by calling her "ghetto slut," "ghetto trash" and "welfare drag queen" betray the core of racism that the right wing uses to rally their troops to arms.

It is in this vein that we’ve been running our week-long series at FDL late nite on the bigotsphere. We’re also asking people for help in calling Washington DC radio to alert the DC community of the Washington Post’s willingness to hire a Red State racist like Ben Domenech (it was not his racism they found problematic — Jim Brady called the hoopla over that "silly").  Hugh Hewitt may call the lefty blogosphere a "fever swamp" but he does so in denial of the bigotry both soft and hard constantly exploited by the right as a means to a political end.  The fact that this "social conservative" (*cough*) position is making its way into corporate media is unacceptable.

Mike Stark is over at Kos recruiting folks to help him call into DC radio and carry this message out of the blogosphere and into the DC community. If you’re a Kossack please go hit the "recommend" button and give him a hand, there may even be a "CallingAllWingnuts" mug in it for you.

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