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Letter from the Huckster

“We’ve seen our country go from ‘Leave It to Beaver’ to ‘Beavis and Butt-head,’ from Barney Fife to Barney Frank.”
– Governor of Arkansas (and Baptist minister) Mike Huckabee, cruising for The GOP Base votes for ’08

The good guv also attended the recent Reclaiming America for Christ conference in Fort Lauderdale, a Christian boot camp to “engage the culture for Christ.” See my post Unhinged winger conferences.

Blender QLH, an Arkansas resident, decided to write Huckabee to get some insight on why a state official needed to go to a conference like this.


Recently you posted about Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee attending a religious conference in Florida. I e-mailed his office about it and wrote a letter as well.

Just yesterday I received a letter from him in response to my letter.

…I also e-mailed him recently about his remarks about Barney Frank. I’m going to send him a letter about it as soon as I get time this weekend.

Just wanted to thank you for letting this Arkansas resident know what her governor is up to.


And his response:

Thank you for your note regarding my decision to accept an invitation to speak to the Reclaiming America for Christ conference in Florida. While you did not mention any specific objection, other than the fact that I chose to participate, I will attempt to address your concern.

While I am sorry you disagree with my decision, it is a decision I do not regret. The nature and purpose of the conference is routinely mischaracterized by those who have never attended. My purpose there was to share my own view of why people of faith should not neglect the political realm. I believe this about people of all faiths.

The organizers of the Reclaiming America conference do not wish to create a theocracy in America, as is often alleged. They do believe, as I do, that our government was founded on Biblical principles. One of those principles says that duties owed to God equal rights between men. So, since choosing to believe in and follow God is a decision only the individual can make, no one can force someone else to be a Christian. According to this Biblical principle, freedom of religion is an inalienable right that must be protected.

Throughout my years in office, I have strived to be a governor for all Arkansans, not just those who agree with my politics or religion. Shortly after the World Trade Center attacks, I invited representatives of the Muslim community to the Capitol in an effort to help prevent unfair treatment and targeting of Muslims. I have also enjoyed a close and friendly relationship with the Jewish community in this state and have enjoyed attending the Menorah lighting ceremony each December.

Again, I am sorry if my participation in the conference offended you. It may be that you and I disagree on a philosophical level. I would hope that we could disagree without being offended, but sometimes I guess that’s not possible.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Huckabee

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