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Howdy, Blenders! Just thought I’d check in since I’ve been silent on the blog for a while. It’s been a tough week for your favorite straight white male, as I have been battling against prejudice and discrimination.

(Black folks, gay folks, black gay folks: cue the tiny violin…)

Long story short: I was up for a promotion from contractor to full-time employee at my current company. This included huge benefits and a 25% raise. I was interviewed by seven managers and suggested for the position by the head of human resources*. I was given a signed offer letter on March 1.

Then the offer was rescinded four weeks later, because I’m politically active in support of medical marijuana patients and I am a caregiver for my wife’s medical marijuana. OK, technically speaking, I failed a hair drug test, which is not at all surprising, given that I am in enclosed rooms with dozens to hundreds of medical marijuana patients multiple times per month as well as my wife’s use every single day.

I won’t use up bandwidth here on the details, but I’ll answer the obvious question: no, I didn’t fail because I’ve been smoking marijuana; I quit smoking and abstained long before I took the test. This is simply discrimination against me for my belief in reforming marijuana laws and helping seriously ill people use marijuana legally as medicine here in Oregon (my company is based out of New York, so they don’t understand).

If you want to check in on the whole saga, check out So… this is what discrimination feels like.

* I hate the term “Human Resources”, as if people are just another resource to be managed like gas, timber, or crops. The term turns us into numbers, just another line on the balance sheet. Before, we used to be “personnel”, which at least reminded the bean counters that we are “persons”. Ah, but downsizing, laying off, and cutting the benefits of “persons” seems so cruel, doesn’t it? It sounds so much better to make adjustments to “human resources”…

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